What are the advantages of graphic resume: Resume editing experts share opinion


Have you ever considered using an infographic resume to apply for a job? Visual resumes that consist of pictures, graphs and charts can convey your work history effectively and help you stand out from the midst of other job-seekers who use traditional text resumes. In today’s article, we will consider the main reasons why everyone should go out of the comfort zone and try a visual resume.

Whether you decide to use a creative resume or not, a traditional text resume is still a must. If you haven’t updated your old resume for a while, consider turning to an online resume editor company. A professional resume editor will correct mistakes in your CV to make sure you’re making the best impression. Such a service will also edit the resume layout and structure so that it complies with employers’ expectations.

4 advantages of an infographic resume, according to a resume editing expert

  1. To stand out from the competition

Visual resumes rely on images, graphics and charts to tell your career story. Thus, they catch the attention immediately and are more engaging comparing to traditional resumes. However, it takes knowledge of recent graphic design trends and understanding of color theory to create a truly powerful resume. Yet, if you’re not a professional designer, it’s not a problem. You can use an online template or order a custom infographic resume.

  1. To showcase information quickly

Reading a two-page resume takes a few minutes. Yet, when a recruiter opens infographic resume, they can spot essential information in seconds. Pictures and graphs are more engaging, moreover, people scan images much faster than they read paragraphs or bulleted lists. Therefore, you can be sure that the recruiter will notice your biggest strengths for the position.

  1. To display your creativity

Creativity is one of the Top 2025 job skills, and it is valued across many industries. Submitting a non-traditional visual application is one of the best way to showcase your creative approach to solving problems as well as the ability to process and systematize key information. Such qualities are especially sought after in creative, computer science and digital professions.

  1. To post and share online

Graphic resumes are bright and attractive, and therefore you can post them on LinkedIn, personal social media and on your professional website. Reading a text resume takes time, yet, many people are likely to review your visual resume just out of curiosity. And the more people know that you’re job-hunting, the more likely they can recommend you to someone who is currently hiring.

An infographic resume can be quite beneficial for your job search. Yet, remember that it’s not a replacement for a traditional text resume, but rather an addition to it.

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