8 Killer Tips on How to Turn your YouTube Videos Viral

YouTube has become one of today’s most powerful online marketing platforms. Basically, YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows visitors to watch and share videos uploaded by users around the world.

YouTube is extremely popular accounting for nearly 13% of mobile Internet usage. Thus, uploading videos on YouTube is a great way to reach your target audience and promote your business, brand or even yourself.

Below are eight proven tips on how you can drive traffic to your YouTube videos.

Tip 1: Write an interesting YouTube account profile

Writing an interesting profile is a sure way to get subscribers and drive traffic to your YouTube videos. An excellent YouTube profile is one that describes the business, brand or person it promotes in a clear and direct manner.

Similarly, an excellent YouTube profile should excite users and leave them wanting more – a smart way to entice them to subscribe.

Tip 2: Research the right keywords

Researching the right keywords and using it in your YouTube page and video description is another sure way to drive traffic. Search engines play an important role not just with articles but to all types of web content including YouTube videos.

You can also make use of SEO tactics like backlinking and LSI keyword targeting to increase the chances of being ranked higher in searches.

Tip 3: Post videos relating only to a single niche

Posting videos relating only to a single niche is a way to established yourself as an expert in the field you are into. Expertise and specialization is essential when it comes to getting subscribers and generating traffic.

Tip 4: Keep your YouTube account updated

Keeping your YouTube account updated through regular posting is another way to drive traffic to your YouTube videos. Internet users love fresh and timely web content.

Tip 5: Keep your YouTube videos short

Keeping your YouTube videos short, just around 2-3 minutes won’t bore your audience. YouTube videos that are too long are usually ignored by the average Internet user – hence, uploading a deep 10+ minute YouTube video will do more harm than good for your business.

Tip 6: Interact with other YouTube users

Interaction is another important yet took for granted way of driving traffic to your YouTube account. YouTube allows interaction through tools like video responses, comment threads, subscriptions and private messaging among others.

Tip 7: Promote your YouTube videos using social media

YouTube and social media come hand in hand. Social media sites like the networking site Facebook and the micro-blogging platform Twitter can genuinely help generate traffic to your videos.

Tip 8: Submit your videos to crowd sourcing sites/directories

Crowd sourcing sites and directories such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit can help you get more views and subscribers to your website. Likewise, submitting your videos through these platforms is also a good backlinking/SEO strategy.

At Last Words:

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