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Being a businessperson or a sales professional aiming to increase sales and take advantage of email marketing, you need to find leads. Performing this manually is time-consuming, which is why it is preferable to put yourself in hands of specialists and definite tools. And it’s high time to take advantage of tools.


What is is a cold outreach automation platform. This is a unique all-in-one tool which offers users all necessary tools for reaching prospects and improving conversion rates. The features offered by the team are:


The team has been working hard on their platform changing it for better step by step. For now, they offer browser extensions for a quicker workflow and all tools within one subscription plan. Email Finder Features

-Domain Search:

With the help of, you can easily have quick access to emails with names & employer positions on different domains. Everything you’ve got to do is to type in the domain you are interested in and add email addresses into one of your prospects lists.

-Bulk Domain search:

You can find email addresses from a list of domains you already have on your PC or from the ones you’ve recently found with Finder. Set up options and click the Start search button.


This feature will find you people and companies on numerous webpages, either it is a professional social network or a search engine page. Simply set up options (job title, skills, and locations) and perform a search.

-Company Profiles: has a worked on analysis of organizations that includes a database of all recorded emails for that company. If you need to assemble contacts at Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP or any other company, Company Profile Search will help you.


Building prospect email lists with

Let’s try to find prospects and their respective emails on the most popular professional social network. fastly helps you grab prospects email addresses either on search page or on a profile page.

Here are the steps to pass through:

  1. Choose search criteria on LinkedIn or visit a specific person’s profile.
  2. Click on Chrome extension which you have previously installed.
  3. displays names (or a name if you are on a personal profile page) on the list in the extension drop-down menu.
  4. Select the name or names of prospects in the checkbox, choose a list, and click the Save selected button, then the Go to List button.
  5. You are transferred to a new tab with a list of prospects. There you will find information about people: their names, position, company they are working for and emails. Email Verifier

When the list of email addresses is ready, it’s not recommended to send emails right and left. Every email marketer will say you why: because bulk email sending is fraught with consequences and you will soon be blocked by the ESP. To avoid this you need to check the emails for being real and active and only then start your email campaign. Email Verifier checks bulk email lists within a few minutes (surely, if your list contains millions of email addresses, it will take more time). The results are displayed on the prospects list page and every address is marked with a definite color:

  • Green means that the email address is valid and you can start sending messages to this person;
  • Red stands for invalid one and you’d better delete it from your list;
  • Yellow color means that the service cannot get the right information, so, to not deceive you, it simply gives you “Unknown status”. And it’s up to you whether send a message to this address or delete it.

Hover over the status and get the detailed information about the email address. Pricing

Price always plays a vital role in deciding on any service. The pricing structure of is pretty affordable and attractive:

All plans support CSV exporting. Most features cost one credit. Though, there are some at 0,5 and 2 credits. You can find this information in your account on pricing page. advantages

To answer the question “Why is better than similar services?” you need to know its advantages. Here’s a list of them:

    • All-in-one tool: You can not only find contacts but also verify them and send messages easily. In comparison with other similar platforms, offers more tools under the same roof.
    • Browser extensions: There’s no need to install software on your computer and update it from time to time. Everything is developed for your convenience: browser extensions are easy to use and provide you will all available necessary information.
    • Price: Compared to other services, pricing list is cheaper. The cheapest plan is only $29, and there’s also a freemium.


  • Free Tracker extension without any signatures: while other services add signatures or logos in your sent emails, doesn’t do that.
  • Easy-to-create drag-and-drop campaign builder: on one platform you can create triggered email campaign and compose emails without leaving the platform.


Our Final Recommendation: is a great platform for lead generation that will suit everyone who is in search of prospects and wants to automatically nurture their leads.

This was my detailed review of If you have used it earlier, or have got questions I haven’t answered yet, please leave feedback in the comments box!


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