Top 3 Best Tools For Fully Automated Google Ads In The World

The field of ppc (pay-per-click) is constantly evolving. If you use tools that automate some of the ad campaign processes, your campaigns may become more efficient and effective.

Pay-per-click automation tools allow marketers to automate some tasks by using third-party applications. These tools can save you time, improve campaign performance, and reduce wasted ad spends.

Rather than spending your time hovering over dozens of campaigns, you can focus on tasks like pinpointing areas for business growth, increasing audience engagement, and exploring new ad types that will benefit your sales funnels.

That isn’t to say automation is the key to the future, nor are we all going to be replaced by machines. Paid ad campaigns might always need humans to power them, but you can at least catch a break from constant campaign monitoring.

To start this off, let’s take a deeper dive into what PPC automation is.

What Is PPC Automation?

PPC automation refers to the system that charges marketers every time their ad is clicked.

PPC automation allows marketers to control their Google ad campaigns through machine learning, without spending hours tediously updating scope, timing, and targeting. By automating some of the systems and steps, you can leverage third-party applications to do the hard work for you.

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For example, if you want your ad to stop running on a certain day, or if you want to change the target audience before the end of the running cycle, you can use PPC automation to control these details. This means no more activating, deactivating, and adjusting your ads by hand.

It also means you can shift your focus back to generating leads and growing your business and let the machine do the hard work for you.

PPC automation tools are a great way to optimize ad performance and focus your time on your larger marketing goals.

Types of PPC Automation and Suggested Tools

PPC automation is a growing marketing trend and will only get stronger as our paid ad tools evolve. Getting familiar with these tools sooner rather than later will ensure your business can automate and optimize as much as possible.

PPC automation tools range in complexity and cost. You can find ways to automate pretty much anything – it’s just a matter of which steps you want to automate and how much work you are willing to put into your campaigns.

Here are 4 of the most basic ways to use PPC automation.

Integrations and Reporting

Reporting is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating parts of a PPC manager’s life. Think of all the hours spent compiling data, creating spreadsheets, and importing sources to create custom reports.

Automating your reporting systems through integrations can help make this process more efficient. No more manually exporting spreadsheets and no more comparing data.

Integration refers to the different apps and platforms you may want to pull data from when preparing reports. These could be platforms such as Google Ads or Instagram Insights.

When choosing an automated reporting software, be sure to check that it offers the integrations you will need.

Here are a few easy-to-use PPC reporting tools to help make your reporting easier:


AdBud’s mission is to make advertising for SMBs both incredibly easy and 100% transparent. By using their automated software, anyone can manage, understand, and control their own online marketing — all without the need for any prior knowledge. They are currently working with local partners in South America, Africa, and Europe. They are also operating in North America. Their service is one that can be both understood and managed by anyone. The advertiser doesn’t even need to create a Google account. The only thing necessary is to indicate what you offer and in which geographical area you operate. Based on this information our system will create all accounts needed and starts the advertising on the client’s behalf. The system is built on machine learning and each client sets a maximum daily budget. When the daily budget limit is reached the advertising automatically stops for the day. The client can at any time change the budget or pause the advertising.

The main client base is agencies using the software as a white label solution.

Highlighted below are some of the great features that make AdBud unique when compared to their competitors in the market:

  • Fully automatic Google Ads for your clients:  AdBud lets you serve fully automatic SEM-strategies and ads with great data-driven results.
  • Manage all clients through a single dashboard:  AdBud lets you manage all your clients in real time from a single dashboard where you will get all client data presented in an innovative way.
  • Automatic easy-to-read customer reports: AdBud will send automatic reports to all your clients on a monthly basis, or whichever basis you choose. The report contains the last periods activity such as advertising data, spend and results.
  • Brand With Whitelabel: With AdBud’s regular solution you can add Whitelabel to customize all interfaces and communication with your clients. This makes everything look like it’s your brand doing the work – while AdBud hides under a cloth.
  • Highly intelligent ads: AdBud also provides highly intelligent ads  for their customers.



2. Swydo

Swydo was built for PPC managers and is a simple way to automatically integrate data sets from various sources like Facebook Insights or Bing Ads.

Swydo can also help you monitor your clients’ key points of interest and translate them easily into your reports.

Swydo also lets you schedule your reports so they can be automatically sent to your team or clients, saving you an end-of-the-month scramble.

Swydo claims to help you increase client retention through their automated reporting systems. Pricing starts at $62.00 per month.



3. Reporting Ninja

Reporting Ninja boasts more than sixteen different integrations and has a range of reporting templates.

Plus, it includes cross-platform comparisons so you can combine data from multiple platforms into a single chart or graph.

Reporting Ninja can also help you create SEO and conversion reports on top of your PPC reports. Plans start at $20.00 per month, which includes ten reports.





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With these great PPC automation tools, you’ll be able to tap into the benefits of paid advertising and start making conversions that matter.

What are some of the ways you’ve found success with PPC automation please let me know via giving given below comment box.

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