Top 3 Best Secure Document & Password Manager In The World

If you’re already here, you probably know that a good password manager, or a password vault, is the best way to store and manage your passwords. So why not go a step further and get one of the best password managers of 2022 to make your life so much easier.

Of course, choosing such a secure password manager is not an easy task. You have to really trust the service – after all, it will have to keep your username, passwords, and even credit card credentials safe. A good password vault will also have such features as a Password Breach Checker, and you have to be completely sure that it will deliver its promises to the max.

To help you out, our experts tested 20+ different password managers and selected only 3 that are the best in terms of features, security, and convenience.

Our curated list of best password managers

Since losing one’s password might mean losing money or reputation, it seems wise to invest in the best possible protection against that. That’s why below you will find only premium password managers known for doing the job.

To discover which service is the best for your particular needs, read the following list of best password manager apps and find some in-depth opinions about each.


RoboForm is the best password manager available. It protects your passwords and personal information, makes life easier with features like password filling, and allows you to store login information for all of your accounts in one secure location.

Your logins can be saved, secured, and synchronized across numerous devices. Credit card data, safe notes, personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, site bookmarks, and contacts can all be saved. Paying for a single-user or family plan allows you to use RoboForm on multiple devices, increases sharing capabilities, and improves security.

Your security begins with the master password that opens your account, as it does with other password managers. However, by allowing users to create master passwords with as few as eight characters and no special characters, RoboForm raises the chances that customers will choose something less difficult to guess. Two-step verification might help you protect your account even more. RoboForm provides this via email, SMS, and code-generation tools like Google Authenticator, but it does not support USB security keys, which have the advantage of being resistant to phishing attacks. It does, however, continue to utilize the ultra-secure AES-256 encryption that is used by many popular password managers.

RoboForm is simply loaded with useful features. For example, it fills in web forms, supports various platforms, has a password generator, and allows you to securely send login information. Here’s a full list of the features you’ll find:

  • Unlimited logins
  • Fill web forms
  • Password generator
  • Password assessment
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Securely send logins
  • Receive emergency access
  • Applications logins
  • Manage bookmarks
  • Use RoboForm for TOTP authentication

RATING: 9.8/10


DGLegacy is a password management and asset protection digital inheritance service through which, in the case of an unforeseen event happening to you, people whom you designate as beneficiaries will be informed about your passwords and assets and will be able to identify and locate them, thus minimizing the chance of an unclaimed assets.

Key Features

  • Unlimited assets, beneficiaries and trustees
  • Unforeseen event detection: email and phone verification
  • Unforeseen event: email and phone notification of beneficiaries
  • Documents upload
  • Download snapshots of assets data
  • Continuous validation of the email addresses
  • Full encryption of all data

RATING: 9.1/10



As one of the popular password managers in the world, Dashlane is a capable password manager for a single device, capable of storing logins for up to 50 accounts in a secure vault with multi-factor authentication, Like  any other, it can do much more than just fill in passwords for you; it can also store all kinds of information and fill out forms with delivery addresses and contact details automatically.

So far so good, but Dashlane’s premium service is even more expensive. Not only does it let you synchronize all your passwords across all your devices (both desktop and mobile), it also monitors the dark web for data breaches and sends you personalized alerts if any of your stored details appear in a batch of stolen data.

Unsurprisingly, all of this comes at a price, and Dashlane’s premium plan is one of the most expensive options around, but the extra services (plus remote account access and priority support) do justify the cost.

RATING: 8.4/10



Final Recommendation:

If you’re looking for a trusted password manager app to keep your login information private and secure, RoboForm is the best password manager for the task, letting you access your accounts and services with one password. It’s available for all major device platforms.

RoboForm is a decent password manager that handles all the basics pretty well — and it comes with extras like an asset protection digital inheritance service and compatibility. RoboForm only which has full encryption of the data, which is good for professional users. RoboForm has a very economic plan as compare to other and is also the only password manager on this list to offer a economic subscription.

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