Top 3 Best Search Engine Position Analysis Tools In The World

Are you looking for some best SERP checker tools to often check the search engine ranking for your targeted keywords? If yes, then you are in the right place to get the excellent tool that would meet your requirements.

Even though you are doing the keyword research correctly to find out the best low competition keywords along with the LSI keywords, it is essential to track the performance of the published content. Here is where you need the best SERP rank checker tools.

However, the most critical factor is to determine if the keyword rankings are growing or declining.

That’s how you can analyze whether your marketing campaign is moving in the right direction.

Okay now let’s get into the quick suggestions! Yes, if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the entire post, have a look at my top recommendations!

               Top 3 Best Search Engine Position Analysis Tools


How about using the world’s first keyword rank tracker that uses AI behind the screen? It would be exciting, isn’t it? Zutrix is an intelligent rank tracking tool that has specifically been made to improve your SEO performance. It is a complete suite that covers all your keyword ranking monitoring needs.

You can start using this tool by creating an account and adding your site by creating a new project. It is possible to import your keywords through Google Search Console and fetch SERP results for your website. As Zutrix uses complex algorithms and procedures, you will be able to see your targeted keywords’ exact positions.

Best Features of Zutrix SERP  Rank Tracker

  • AI-powered results with ultimate accuracy
  • Device-based SERP features and location results
  • Real-time notifications through Telegram, Slack, and Email with custom rules
  • Unlimited competitor tracking with smart suggestions
  • Unique reporting system includes scheduled reporting and white-label integrations
  • Keyword lab is available for more ideas
  • Track keywords at every location with 100% accuracy
  • Ranking report sharing through uniquely created links

The basic plan of Zutrix is affordable with the tracking capability of 250 keywords daily. Check its other pricing plans!

2- Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

Long Tail Pro is most commonly known as the ultimate keyword research tool developed by one of the top bloggers and affiliate marketers globally.

Created by Spencer Haws from, this keyword research tool is based on the insights from a successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

While Long Tail Pro is primarily known for Keyword Research & Analysis, the tool also helps monitor rankings for the targeted keywords through its Rank Tracker tool.

Best Features Of LTP Rank Tracker

  • You can add 2 URLs to track the rank of the keywords (per month)
  • 30 rank tracker terms are allowed per month
  • Detailed report with rank and date (Like yesterday, last week and last month)
  • Daily rank updates

3-SE Ranking


If you are searching for a 100% accurate keyword rank tracker tool with a handful of premium features, then your choice should be SE Ranking. It is an exceptional SEO tool that has position tracking as one of its leading features.

It has white-label & API features that are indeed needed for collaborative use. Yes, you can organize the workspace by creating sub-accounts to access the project details. When it comes to professional reporting to the clients, then no one could beat SE Ranking.

Now, its time to summarize the exceptional qualities of SE Ranking that makes them best than the competitors!

Best Features Of SE Ranking

  • 100% accurate data with complete information like search volume, suggested bid by Google, and much more data
  • Our data is secure and never leak to public research tools
  • Along with keyword tracking, you can monitor the Map results and your Google Ads positions. You can also track your YouTube video positions.
  • It is possible to track your top 5 competitors by getting deep ranking reports and visibility score.


Final Thoughts on Picking the Right Serp Checker

Recommendation: ZUTRIX

These are the absolute best SERP checker tools out that will undoubtedly make your life easier in 2021. 

Many have a broad scope of features, and some can be accessed via a login. You may have been in the dark about SERP Checkers before, but with a little background knowledge, this list will provide you the best free SERP checker tools to get started. 

Most are useful and can be a helpful addition to your digital marketing kit. Overall, review the list and try and few see which of the SERP checker tools work for you.


If you enjoyed reading this blog post of the SERP checker tools that will help you website rank better, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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