Top 3 Best Linkedin Automation Software In The World

LinkedIn automation tools help you to speed up your LinkedIn prospecting efforts. They allow you to save a lot of time & resources. Hence many companies have started using LinkedIn for sales prospecting. So the need for automation tools has also increased.

But, you need to select the best LinkedIn automation tool that works well for your business. Companies do not follow the same strategies. It differs for companies & industries. It would be best to have your plan in mind when selecting the LinkedIn automation tool for your business.


The 3 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2021

The following is a list of the ten best LinkedIn automation tools in 2021 that can help you automate LinkedIn prospecting. You can choose the best automation tool that suits you.

#1 We-Connect:

We-connect is the best LinkedIn automation tool that helps you to speed up LinkedIn prospecting. The automation tool allows you to find potential prospects from LinkedIn. It also enables you to build targeted prospect lists and automate LinkedIn prospecting.

We-Connect is a cloud-based solution designed for recruiters, business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, which helps automate finding relevant prospects on LinkedIn. The platform sends bulk invites and personalized messages to engage prospects and convert them into leads. allows businesses to set daily limits based on follow-ups and randomizes delay time between messages and new connection requests. Integration with various CRM systems and third-party apps enables organizations to streamline their sales and marketing programs. Users can monitor the progress of the campaign and generate reports on existing connections.

Highlighted below are some of the great features that make unique when compared to their competitors in the market:

  • Cloud-based
  • Five campaign types
  • Bulk invite
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Export Campaign Data
  • Upload CSV files
  • API and Zapier Integration
  • Interactive Inbox
  • Works with free LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • Save unlimited lists
  • Unlimited message templates
  • Reply detection
  • Resume sequence
  • Schedule multiple campaigns in advance
  • Send personalized messages.
  • Export saved search list
  • Edit or delete message templates
  • Schedule time-based follow up messages
  • Schedule time zones of your preference
  • Edit live campaign anytime
  • Pause Sequences
  • Pause Sequence to specific contacts
  • Write notes to your contacts
  • Tag your contacts and messages
  • Search by tags
  • Export tagged contacts
  • Email Notifications
  • See campaign level stats and charts
  • Edit LinkedIn profile names
  • Powerful Campaign Manager
  • Bulk delete contacts
  • Saved replies
  • Exclude contacts if present in another campaign
  • Export 1st connections
  • Connected Time Stamp
  • Archive Campaigns
  • Clone Campaigns
  • Save campaign as a draft
  • Withdraw multiple pending invites
  • Auto Withdraw pending invites
  • Randomize campaign actions
  • Export Campaign Stats
  • Filter stats by period
  • Blacklist Contacts
  • Activity Log
  • Automatic Duplicate suppression
  • Playboard
  • Add multiple lists to the existing campaign
  • Free InMails to Open Profiles

RATING:  9.3/10


#2 Linked Helper

Linked Helper helps you to automate your tasks with LinkedIn Sales Navigator & LinkedIn Recruiter. The plugin enables you to send personalized invites to your 2nd & 3rd-degree connections. It also allows you to visit profiles, endorse contacts, follow & unfollow LinkedIn connections, withdraw pending connection invites, add a signature to your messages, and so on.


RATING:  8.6/10


#3 Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you to find, attract, and engage with prospects on LinkedIn. The automation tool enables you to view prospect profiles, endorse their skills and follow their activity. You can also send personalized messages on your behalf. You can start a conversation with your prospects, follow up with automated messages, and work with prospects who respond. The software also helps you to manage prospects and download profile details. It works with Linkedin Basic, Business & LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


RATING:  8.3/10


Final Recommendation: We-Connect

We can say that LinkedIn automation tools can exponentially increase your sales and help in brand awareness. The Linkedin sales navigator provides its lead recommendations by analyzing your audience’s behavior and needs. We-Connect is a fantastic LinkedIn tool that can manage your account by monitoring and controlling the messages and comments via the social inbox.

You saw a list of the three best LinkedIn automation tools. All these tools help you automate connection requests, send messages, endorse skills, visit LinkedIn profiles, etc. The ultimate goal of automating all these tasks is to get in touch with your targeted prospect and reach them with your compelling message.

We-Connect is a simple but powerful LinkedIn automation tool that helps you to do that. You can automate the entire process of targeted list building (decision makers & executives) from any industry or location or search criteria and append their verified business email addresses and phone numbers.

What’s more? The software is the safest and has inbuilt usage limits to keep your Linkedin account safe. It automatically assigns a dedicated IP address to our account based on the location from where you create it. It also has agency plans designed to help B2B agencies manage their client campaigns.

We-Connect helps you generate leads faster than experts, reach the right prospects, make more sales conversions & increase revenue.


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