The Best Payment Gateway Provider in Qatar?

When you are looking for a way to get paid from your customers online, you are definitely looking for the best payment gateway provider in Qatar. as It is a key part in increasing your sales and enhancing your customers’ confidence in your business, which is why it should be chosen well.

Why is Fatora the best payment gateway provider :

  • It helped more than 14,000 merchants to facilitate their business, collect their money and increase their sales. 
  • Fatora offers various features that increase the online selling rate.
  • Fatora is committed to the best security and protection standards.
  • Fatora offers the easiest means of collecting money, such as payment links and a payment gateway that provides a simple and easy payment interface

What makes Fatora the best payment gateway provider in Qatar?.

Lowest percentage rate Collect your money at the lowest commission rate available in the market. 
Supports all payments Fatora Card processing help you get paid from Credit cards (Master card, visa card, Amex) and debit cards (NAPS)
Easy API to integrate It has become easy for any developer to integrate a website or eCommerce store in less than 2 hours of development time.
Support many frameworks & E-commerce Fatora supports many e-commerce platforms such as Wix, Shopify, Woocomerce, WordPress,  Magento and others. 
Support 163 currencies, worldwide Accept payment from anywhere in the world with 163+ currencies.
24\7 merchant support Get help from a 24\7  dedicated merchant support team 
Great tools to increase sales Amazing  tools to increase your sales such as

  • Payment link
  • Professional invoicing
  • Online store
  • Cashier & POS

and many other services

Security powered by A.I Fatora has a PCI-DSS certificate in information protection. It has a security system and high protection that preserves your data. 


What makes fatora better than any other payment gateway in Qatar ?

There are many online payment platforms, but not all of them are perfect. For this, you must know their strengths and weaknesses. As mentioned earlier, Fatora is the best payment gateway provider, but what makes it better than others?


Fatora Other Payment gateways
Per-transaction fee Starting from
No additional fees
More than 2.6%
+ 1 QAR per transaction
Testing environment
Easy ecommerce integration (WIX & Shopify) 
Same day activation
Settlement rate (Money transfer rate) 2 per week 1 per week/month
Invoicing tools
Branding & Whitelabelng 
Multi-currency support
Recurring billing & Tokenization

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