Password Boss Review : Best Password Manager Tool

Password Boss is the best password manager that has all the  essentials features that a good password manager should have. But many of the features that make a password manager worthwhile are only available in the premium version, and it also have all comprehensive security features.


About Password Boss:

Password Boss is a great Password Management software with impressive, eye catching features and very nice GUI. You can also use it for free also.

Our in-depth study on password managers has lead us to Password boss- one of the best password managers ever. User may install password Boss across PC, iOS, and Android gadgets and flawlessly sync data flow between them.

Why Password Boss:

“We walk Password Boss customers through questions they have and tailor it’s approach to their needs,” They said. “There’s a vast variety of options in this form of some great features they can choose from, and They offer professionally managed services that depend on what we require from them.”

This will be best suited for users who plan on sharing data frequently and want a comprehensive sharing feature. 

To know why we choose Password Boss, before that we should know how it work in unique way from other password management software.

  • Multiple layers of security protect your personal information to make sure you are the only one with access.
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption protects your data with the same level of security used by banks and governments. AES has never been cracked.
  • One Master Password means that only you have access to your saved.
  • Two-factor login without your master password. Not even Password Boss has access to your saved passwords.



Password-boss offers list of some great features to maintain your password safe like secure cloud backup, 2-stage verification process and unlimited secure sharing. Some of the key features of Password- Boss are given below.

Simplified passwords – It makes password management quite easy, user need to just remember one master password and Password boss will key in unique username and password for you.

User Friendly– It is very user friendly software.

Password GeneratorPassword Boss has a password generator feature that allows you to create a strong, unique new password.

Sharing- Password Boss has an efficient sharing feature that allows you to share saved data while maintaining control over what the recipient can do with it. Select which login(s) you want to share and enter the recipient’s email address.

Safe encryption – Password boss is based on 256bit AES encryption, which renders your password safe.

Digital Wallet – You can save time inputting credit card details by a one-click checkout

Form filling – You need not be bothered about filling out forms manually any more, let Password Boss key in the info for you. Automatically fill in online forms with payment details and shipping details with a single click or tap making checkouts effortless

Secure cloud password manager – Password boss automatically backs up your data in an encrypted format to a safe location. Even if your gadget is lost, you would still have access to your valuable data.

Emergency Access: Password Boss allows you to designate an emergency contact who will have access to all of your saved information in the event of an emergency.

Secure sharing – You can now share your worthwhile data with people you could count on. You would have absolute command over who gets the data.

Secure browser – Password boss proves that it is a comprehensive package when it comes to safety. It rejects browser extensions, removes cookies and temp files automatically when you have closed the program and even fortifies your system from DNS hijacking challenges.

Multiple logins for a single website: This online password manager also supports multiple logins for a single website

Theft protection: If a team member loses a phone or a laptop the remote delete function will automatically delete any encrypted user data stored on that device if someone tries to access the Password Boss application.

One feature that has grabbed our attention is a personal security store – it comes with suggestions on how users can boost their online security.

With password manager pro user can relish features like account recovery, priority support, unlimited secure sharing and unlimited password storage.


Support Mobile App

Password Boss has a mobile app for iOS and Android version. After the 30-day free trial, you have to pay for use that is known as premium version. If you have Touch ID enabled on your phone, you can use that to quickly and securely login, instead of using your master password. The mobile app has a similar tile-like layout to the desktop application.



  • Password Boss Basic: Free
  • Password Boss Premium: 30 day free trial, then $2.50/month
  • Password Boss Business Teams: $3/month per user for standard, $4/month per user for advanced

For more info on price and features click here.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Password Boss give guarantee of 30 day money back. Means you have full 30 days for trial their extraordinary features. This is the reason which makes them unique form other password management software in the world.


Final Recommendation:

After reading this review now you have all information regarding Password Boss. As a tech expert if you would like to take our opinion then we will definitely recommend Password Boss.If you have any query regarding Password Boss then you are feel free to contact us on the comment box given below.


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