Mac Beginner Guide: How to Get the Most out of Mac’s Built-in Apps


Did you know that your Mac is loaded with default apps? These built-in apps can enhance your user experience by helping you with all kinds of things – web browsing, navigation, office work, music, photo management and so much more.
Even though Apple has done a brilliant job in naming these applications, but as a Mac newbie, you might be confused about what those apps do and if you really need them.
Here, take a look at the list of apps that can greatly boost your Mac-using experience and know what they do so that you can make the most of them. You’ll find these applications in Finder, inside the ‘Applications’ folder.

1. Automator 
Automator is a brilliant app that can help you to automate your tasks without complicating scripting or programming languages. With the help of this app, you can let your Mac do repetitive tasks on your behalf. For instance, if you need to make the same changes to multiple files like, resizing images, changing filenames, backing up important files, and so on, you can create a bespoke workflow and let your Mac do the work.
If the task that you wish to automate isn’t available in the app’s list of built-in actions, you can add your choice of scripts, such as JavaScript or AppleScript scripts, and give commands to your workflow.

2. Time Machine 
If you’ve ever lost crucial data because your Mac or even Windows laptop stopped working, you know the importance of backup. And you’ll be happy to know that Mac has an in-built backup tool known as Time Machine. This app makes backing up all of your data on your Mac computer easy and quick.

For Time Machine backups, you can use FireWire, an external hard drive connected to a USB or you can even back up to a network drive. You can add this app to the menu bar of your desktop for ease of access. This app even allows you to back up data to multiple disks. You can choose to manually back up data or automate the process. To make the most of this app, you need to know how to properly use Time Machine and for that, you can go to this site.

3. GarageBand
Regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional artist, Mac’s built-in GarageBand app can help you to create music, loops, or even podcasts without any hassle. If you’re an up- and-coming musician, you can make use of this app as a stepping stone and move on to using more complicated apps like Logic Pro X. This powerful audio recording and editing app is so useful that it is reason enough for Windows users to convert to macOS. The app is user-friendly and will help you to kick-start your career.

4. iMovie 
iMovie is a lot like GarageBand, but for movies. This is an intuitive, user-friendly, and simple movie editor that lets you import raw images and clips, edit them and add finishing touches with music, text, and other post-processing effects. You can create a movie project and customize it. For creating Hollywood-style trailers, you can choose from a wide range of Apple-designed templates in almost all genres. Learn how to use this app properly so that you
can create amazing movies and impress your friends or social media followers.

5. Keynote
If you’re a new macOS convert from Windows, you wouldn’t miss Microsoft PowerPoint because Apple gives you Keynote. You can use this app to create interesting presentations that can range from elegant and simple to advanced and complex. You don’t have to worry about compatibility because the app can easily export and import to PowerPoint formats.

6. Reminders 
A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that Reminders is a basic alarm app. Even though this app does come equipped with alarm functionality, it is a comprehensive to-do list app. You can create several lists with various items on each list and then set alarms on each of the individual items. The alarm can be set based on time or when you enter a specific location. The app can even sync with your iOS devices, via iCloud and support recurring

7. Numbers
Numbers is an app that makes calculating numbers and solving formulas fun. You can use the app to create spreadsheets with functions, formulas, interactive charts, and much more. Start by choosing a template and you can replace the data and charts of the template with your own content, and even add new formulas and tables. This app allows you to illustrate data with an interactive or 2D chart. You can even collaborate in real-time by inviting others to work on the spreadsheet at the same time as you.

These are a few built-in apps that you’ll find on your Mac computer. These apps are there to make your life easy and enhance your productivity. However, if you require any other app for any specific purpose, you can always browse through the app store and find what you’re looking for.

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