LogoAi Review: The Best & Trusted AI Powered Logo Maker

What distinguishes us in this fast-paced world of business is our brand. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a brand is their logo. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, which may be why we emphasise the importance of our company logo. It will make our brand stick in people’s thoughts.

So, why am I talking about Logos so much?

Because today we’re going to look at a logo builder called LogoAi.


What exactly is LogoAi?

LogoAi is a smart logo builder that employs artificial intelligence to create appealing logos

LogoAi is a smart logo builder that employs artificial intelligence to create appealing logos.
What role does Artificial Intelligence have in logo design?

That is something I am still undecided about. However, we’ll delve deeper into how to use this tool to create logos.

Try out LogoAi, a free logo builder. You must, however, purchase one of their packages if you want to download the logo.

Why should I use LogoAi when there are so many free logo builders available online?

With a simple User Interface, LogoAi looks good. Yes, I am aware that there are numerous free logo creators available on the internet. I strongly advise you to use both free and paid tools, as well as LogoAi.


Let’s have a look what it can do for you:

1. Easy to start without login

Yes, just open the site: LogoAi.com – you can find a big form to fill with your company name. Here I use “Ruba



You also can add your slogan or you can leave it.

I like “Best Coffee At Best Price” as the slogan

And also you can add style that related with your business name.

 I found modern png symbols that related with coffee

2. Many design options

Click the right arrow button to find the logo designs that you like.

There are so many designs to for the coffee logos we try to create


3. Easy to customise

After you find the best design, you can customise the symbol, font, colours, also font and symbol size.



4. Free download or get premium starts from $29

If you are satisfied with the design, you can save it or buy it.


This will ask you to signup/login as required then if you click the buy button, the different price options will appear ($29 – $59 – or $99)

The Designer Assist package is the last bundle. It costs roughly $99 and gives you access to all of the features found in the professional package. Aside from that, you can make three bespoke modifications and have one of their LogoAi designers give it a final polish.


As previously said, LogoAi allows you to try creating logos for free. You will need to purchase a membership in order to download your logo.

A screenshot of the pricing for various LogoAi subscriptions is shown below.

The most basic plan costs $29. It would allow you to download a low-resolution JPG with a transparent background (800 x 600 px).

The $59 professional bundle includes high-resolution JPG, vector EPS and PDF files, as well as black and white inversions and brand guidelines. You can also change the design of your logo and re-download it.

mWrapping Up:

So, in a nutshell, LogoAi is a new logo design that you should test out with other free logo makers. If you’ve tried LogoAi, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Reasons why we should go with LogoAi

  • Users can quickly generate a range of customizable logos using the AI-powered logo maker.
  • Designing a logo is free and users only pay for downloading files.
  • All packages include a transparent PNG download file.
  • The platform features hundreds of customizable logo templates.
  • Users can make unlimited changes to their logo within three days of purchase.
  • With the “Custom Logo Design” option, users can connect with freelance designers to create custom logos.
  • LogoAi features a range of design tools, including a “Mockup Generator,” and “Social Image Generator,” among others.
  • A designer will make adjustments to a logo that are not possible with the online tool with the “Designer Fix” option.
  • LogoAi offers a one-time replacement policy for users that create a better logo on the platform within 30 days of purchase.

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