How to start your RTB business in 2021

Throughout the last decade, online marketing has seen many revolutionizing trends that have drastically changed the industry, and one of the most vivid examples of such a trend is real-time bidding. In the last seven years, real-time bidding practically dominated programmatic advertising and has been consistently growing ever since. According to Emarketer, the US digital display ad spending for open RTB exchanges reached $13 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow up to $13.8 billion in 2021 which is over twice more as compared to 2015. The pace of development is truly impressive, but what does it mean for RTB business owners today and how can they make use of this progress for their own benefit? Let’s find out!


How does RTB business works

In general, RTB business solutions are utilized to simplify and accelerate the media buying process which is usually an important improvement for both the demand and supply sides. With the help of an RTB advertising platform, marketers can easily target their potential customers, while publishers maximize the monetization of their inventory, thus, getting the most value out of it. The whole process of selling impressions takes less than a second and doesn’t require many resources or human management, as compared to the more traditional types of negotiations.

In this model, RTB business owners are getting a full-stack programmatic network that can be used both to offer media-trading services, as well as to maximize the potential of your traffic and advertising. Having your own RTB platform gives you access to a wide pool of direct demand and traffic suppliers and provides you with full control over your revenues. Such a business model gives full independence by allowing you to customize all the details regarding your trading, and to provide valuable services to partners from numerous industries from all around the world.

Ready-to-use RTB business solutions for automated media-trading

To build your own RTB business you’ll need an efficient media-trading platform, which is the core technological solution for such business models, as well as the number of direct demand and supply partners or online marketing companies, that would trade using your services.


A quick reminder on how the RTB platform works

An RTB advertising platform is a place that hosts trading between publishers selling their ad placements and advertisers interested in buying impressions. The demand-side is usually represented by the direct advertisers, ad networks, and ad agencies who are using a demand-side platform, usually integrated to the RTB platform or connected to the ad exchange. On the opposite position, there is the supply-side that is mostly constituted by the direct publishers, traffic resellers, or the inventory monetization companies who are using the supply-side platform to sell ad placements.  

Once the suppliers have offered their inventory for sale, advertisers can set up their marketing campaigns specifying the details of the impressions they need in accordance with their business objectives. When the user enters a publisher’s page, the SSP sends an ad request, and if there is a match between the demand and the supply the DSPs start bidding on this impression. Based on the best offered price and the appropriate settings from both sides, the winner is chosen and an ad is delivered.


 What is Bidscube?

Although it might seem complicated at first glance, the truth is – to build an efficient RTB advertising platform you do not need to hire huge teams of tech specialists and spend months on development anymore. Instead, you can purchase a pre-built customizable ready-to-use solution from a team of ad tech professionals that know their jobs and will gladly guide you throughout the process of setting up your own RTB business

Bidscube is just the exact team that offers white-label RTB business solutions to numerous clients worldwide in a quest to make programmatic advertising more profitable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their origins, business vertical, or level of expertise. We provide each partner with a holistic and independent framework, personalized to their needs and consistent with the latest IAB quality standards. We are also building a friendly community for media-traders from all over the world which is a great source of support and new partnerships for both demand and supply sides.


A holistic white label RTB advertising platform

Bidscube full-stack programmatic framework is designed to create RTB business from scratch and provide support on each step of your programmatic journey. Our specialists developed and integrated customizable advertising and monetization solutions into a holistic RTB media-trading system to help you deliver exceptional services without huge investments of time and money. We also take care of all the paperwork, as well as protection from ad fraud to let you focus solely on the business affairs; thus, making your enterprise grow and prosper. 


7 reasons to start your RTB business with BIDSCUBE

Here are the seven most important perks that distinguish Bidscube white-label RTB platform among other programmatic solutions: 

                1- A convenient interface personalized to your goals

The platform has a simple and convenient interface customizable to any media-trading experience in accordance with the clients’ unique business goals, level of expertise, or any other important factor. It includes comprehensible in-depth reporting and analytics based on your trading performance to provide you with timely optimization tools and an enjoyable user experience.

                 2- Top-performing advertising formats

Our RTB business solution supports a versatile range of ad formats that can be used for all types of marketing campaigns:

  • Desktop banner ads to reach new audiences at any point of the globe;
  • Immersive video and connected TV experiences to make your brand vivid and memorable;
  • In-app and mobile web formats to achieve massive engagement rates;
  • Native advertising to provide a brand new level of user experience and get more shares.

                3- Independent server for each platform

Bidscube provides an individual infrastructure for each white label platform with a separate server for banner and video ads to maximize stability, and ensure smooth delivery of your services. We don’t charge for setting up extra capacities, so you will get your own full-stack solution for the same price

                4- Full protection 

To help you protect your brand image and reduce additional expenses, Bidscube offers 100% incoming traffic scanning for free for the first 6 months with the help of the most cutting-edge tools, such as Pixalate and Protected Media. We also provide the demand checking by TMT, as well as our newly-designed pre-bid scanner for filtering out low-quality traffic. 

                 5- Delegate technical issues

We developed a unique bidding AI algorithm that defines an ideal bid based on performance and in-depth data. Combined with the powerful optimizers to analyze your performance and distribute traffic in a most profitable way, this solution lets you simply delegate the technical issues to our RTB autopilot and quickly scale up your profits.

                 6- 24/7 support

Bidscube account teams provide 24/7 individual help to each partner throughout every step of your journey with our white-label solution. Apart from a personal accountant, our tech teams will instantly help you with tech improvements by adding up new features and boosting the performance of the existing ones.

                  7- Bidscube Community

Joining a media-trading community is a perfect opportunity for seamless integrations with direct top-performing demand and supply partners. We guarantee the safety and transparency of these partnerships to help you safely reach direct providers without additional payments.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach our support team at // at any hour!



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