DTS-NET Review: The Best Affordable Hosting

When someone new to web hosting looks for their first service to host a blog or small business site, they often end up at DTS-NET.

It is a great choice for beginners, with a well-earned reputation for ease of use, good pricing, and strong customer support.

Covering these basics is key, since finding your first web hosting service can be a real pain. A common question is whether there’s really any difference between all the different hosting companies out there. Yes, in short.


About DTS- NET:

DTS-NET has more than 100,000 domain names under management; operate 3 proprietary data centers in Dallas Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and North Carolina. We think they are a web host that you can start and grow with. It is a good choice for newbies because of the support and ease of use.

DTS-NET is a cheap web hosting service provider that offers web hosting plans starting as low as $1 per month. The features listed here are for the Entry level plan but DTS-NET offers a Budget plan and Unlimited plan as well for those that need more disk space, bandwidth, or additional tools and features.

Reading some DTS-NET reviews will give users an idea of how satisfied current customers are and let you know if they have experienced any particular issues that may affect your account. Having been in the web hosting business since 1997, DTS-NET knows what it takes to host a successful website.

DTS-NET offers other web hosting services like reseller hosting, domain name registration, marketing solutions, dedicated servers, colocation, ecommerce hosting, and more. Visit the DTS-NET website for complete details on all the services to find the best web hosting solution to meet your individual needs.



There are so many reasons to choose DTS-NET hosting. I would like to discuss features available at DTS-NET that would come in handy as your business grows.

  • Faster speed on both uploads and downloads
  • Hosting on business pro servers
  • Additional CPU
  • Additional memory
  • Multimedia streaming (Shoutcast)
  • Increased security
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SSL Certificate
  • Priority phone support if you have issues

DTS-NET was founded in 1997, and is privately owned. DTS-NET provides personal, business, educational, and community access to our cloud and much more. Some of the eye catching points about DTS-NET hosting are given below.

  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Price Match
  • Since 1997 a dedicated team of professionals

They efforts over the years to become one of the best service providers, They have identified several points that they think distinguishes us from other ISP’s in the area: They provide the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology to businesses, individuals, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. They offer the highest quality Products and Services available at the most affordable prices possible.

They concentrate on offering technical muscle and know-how, while avoiding marketing hype that does little for the consumer. They are honest and open with customers and offer an unsurpassed support infrastructure which enables them to resolve problems in a timely manner.


DTS-NET Hosting Plans

DTS-NET offers a number of options when it comes to hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Like Affordable Web Hosting, Cloud CDN Services, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Colocation and More!

-Web Hosting

If you simply want to start your own website, this is the plan for you. It starts at just $1.95/month for 10 GB of storage and the ability to use a free website builder. If you need a bit more space, you can go up to either the 50 GB plan for $5.95/month or the Unlimited plan for $8.95/month.


-Reseller Hosting

DTS-NET does their reseller hosting in an interesting way. Instead of limiting the space or number of sites you can have, they offer three packages based on different operating systems. The Linux system runs only $9.95/month to start and features cPanel. They also offer Windows Server with Plesk control for $29.95/month or Apple OS X Server for $99.95/month.


-VPS & Dedicated Servers

The rates for VPS start at a very reasonable $9.95 a month, but plans start at 1GB and go up from there on RAM and start at 50GB and go up for space. For an exact rate, you should consult with the specialists at DTS-NET as they will ascertain your needs and give you a package that best matches those needs. Each server comes with hundreds of available IPs.  Dedicated servers run more, but the final cost, again will depend on your individual needs.



Are you looking to cut down IT department spend? We have affordable colocation services with metered and unmetered.


-Professional Services

Consulting Consultation Marketing Data Backup Disaster Recovery   Project Development Cloud Solutions.

For more information on price and other data Click here.


Reliability & Performance

One of the key factors site owners need to take into account is the amount of uptime to expect from a hosting service. In other words, how often does your server shut down and temporarily stop delivering your website?

DTS-NET has an excellent uptime record of 99.98 percent. On a yearly basis that works out to less than two hours of downtime. Not bad considering there are 8,760 hours in the average year.

Ideally, you want that number to be 100 percent, but that’s not possible. There are too many issues that may arise, such as hardware malfunctions, DDoS attacks, critical server maintenance, and other issues.

That doesn’t mean you should settle for 50 percent uptime or anything like that, but a realistic expectation is somewhere close to 100 percent but not quite a perfect score. DTS-NET manages to get very close indeed.


Ease of Use

The sign-up process for Bluehost is relatively simple. You pick your hosting package, select your new  domain (if applicable), decide how long you’d like your hosting for, check off the extras you want, and after paying, you’re off to the races. During sign-up, pay close attention to the add-on services prior to checkout. We’ll get into that in more detail in the pricing section below, so you don’t end up paying more than you expected.

Like many other web hosting providers DTS-NET uses the cPanel as its primary interface, but DTS-NET customizations are a study in simplicity.


Conclusion: Is DTS-NET Right for You?

YES, DTS-NET is an excellent service, especially for anyone trying out their first  website or blog. The prices are great if you lock in for one,two and three years, and the company’s support and one-click installs for WordPress and other common site platforms help you get up and running quickly.

If you’re new to the game, or just want to focus on your site without getting bogged down in technical issues and clunky interfaces, DTS-NET may well be the answer. Its ease of use is peerless, and its reputation for reliability and affordability is well-earned.

DTS-NET Hosting

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