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Most of the webmasters are concerned about their site uptime. Yes, we all keep a close look at our server uptime. For sites which run online shopping, a downtime of even one minute can cost them serious losses. So, no doubt, such webmasters are always in search of an efficient website monitoring service which can advise them regarding their site up-time. Today, I am posting a similar service – Dotcom Monitor, which allows you to monitor your server performance.

Companies use Dotcom-Monitor web monitoring services to constantly improve their server uptime, page speed, and web application functionality. Since 1998, over 25,000 companies have optimized their online ROI by using website monitoring to precisely monitor, alert, and report on website speed, web application performance, and server issues.

What is Dotcom-Monitor BrowserView Monitoring?

Monitor the web page performance of your website as it is rendered in one of over 40 different browsers from locations around the world. Setup alerts to notify you if your webpage ever breaks or the page speed drops below acceptable levels.

Also known as

BrowserView Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor BrowserView Monitoring customers

Citrix, Aflac, COMCAST, Dish Network, Dell, Volvo, Roanoke College, Trinity International University

The need of Monitoring service:

Consider you are visiting a website which cause delays on congestion, download speed is slow or has long waiting times. Surely, you will look for an alternative website which can serve you quickly rather than this slow website. Hence, to keep your customers with you for a long time and to get efficient web server performance, website monitoring service is a must.

Why Dotcom Monitor???

Dotcom Monitor is one of the best and cheapest website monitoring service. The features are listed below:

– Dotcom Monitor is an advanced website monitoring service that helps in addressing the issues raised in above section.

– Its usage is simplified thanks to the web application monitoring installation.

– The monitoring server is allocated more than 14 spots over the world which helps in providing an efficient monitoring data worldwide.

– Dotcom Monitor can help in monitoring:
·Mail Servers — POP3/SMTP
·DNS Servers
·FTP Servers
·Telnet Servers
·Web Services
·Port Monitoring
·Server Room Temperature Monitoring
·Other device connected to Internet – Ping/ICMP/UDP

– Dotcom Monitor comes in 3 different plans to suit your needs:
1. ServerView Monitoring – Uptime and Availability Monitoring.
2. UserView Monitoring – Performance Monitoring for Web Applications.
3. LoadView Monitoring – Load View Stress Testing.

Additional information for Dotcom-Monitor

Key features of Dotcom-Monitor

  • Web Application Monitoring with Video Capture
  • App Availability Monitoring & Alerting
  • Customizable Filters & Issue Escalations
  • Verify Web App Transaction Functionality
  • Real-Time View of Errors – Synchronized to a Waterfall Chart
  • Easy Set-Up Using Script Recorder
  • Monitor your website from around the World 24×7
  • Supports Flash, Silverlight, AJAX, Java
  • Check Page Load Speed from an End-User’s Perspective
  • Significantly Reduce Time-To-Repair with Video + Data
  • Monitor Page Load Times / Speed
  • Performance Charts, Graphs & Analysis
  • Detect Slow & Missing Elements
  • Monitor Shopping Carts, Portals, Logins & More
  • Discover & Remove Performance Bottlenecks
  • Ensure Proper Content (Images & Text)
  • Instant Performance / Downtime Alerts
  • Verify Every Step in a Transaction
  • Error Detection, Alerting, & Analysis
  • Interact with any Element on the Page


Insure the reputation and profitability of your web site by bringing together the functions below Monitoring, Reporting, Notification, Escalation and Analysis in the combination best suited to your needs.

How does our network monitoring service work?
Dotcom-Monitor has remote agents positioned on three continents, acting just like Internet browsers. Once your account has been set up and the URLs you want monitored are on file, your network monitoring service begins immediately. Our remote agents will start monitoring your network applications with the frequency that you’ve set up. The agents monitor your entire network to insure it is accessible, that the security is intact, and is maintaining good performance. If any function falls outside of the specified parameters, our notification process kicks in and you will get instant reports, so that you can minimize any down-time, malfunction or breach of security.

Site Uptime | ServerView Monitoring
Verify availability of your servers and network services 24×7 from around the world and receive alerts the moment connectivity issues are detected.

Page Speed | BrowserView Monitoring
Continually monitor web page load times in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox from multiple points around the world, so you can quickly react when page performance is compromised.

App Functionality | UserView Monitoring
Simulate real web user interactions from within a web browser and verify consistent functionality of your pages and web applications. Use video playback as an enhanced diagnostic tool to clearly see where problems occur and how they affect the user’s experience.

FAQs for Dotcom-Monitor

Below are some frequently asked questions for Dotcom-Monitor.

Q. What type of pricing plans does Dotcom-Monitor offer?

Dotcom-Monitor has the following pricing plans:

Starting from: $9.99/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Q. Who are the typical users of Dotcom-Monitor?

Dotcom-Monitor has the following typical customers:

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business

Q. What languages does Dotcom-Monitor support?

Dotcom-Monitor supports the following languages:


Q. Does Dotcom-Monitor offer an API?

Yes, Dotcom-Monitor has an API available for use.

Q. What other apps does Dotcom-Monitor integrate with?

Dotcom-Monitor integrates with the following applications:

No information available

Q. What level of support does Dotcom-Monitor offer?

Dotcom-Monitor offers the following support options:

FAQs, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials


Final Words:

Webmasters must plan for maximum uptime. Though, this sounds simple, but is really difficult to implement without sophisticated services. A 24X7 website monitoring service from Dotcom Monitor is the best answer. Here we are rated 4.9/5 for Dotcom Monitor.

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