DesignBro Review: Best Design Service At Affordable Price

If you are in search for a company who provides best logo design, packaging design or we can say brand identity design then you are at right place. Yes we talking about none other then DesignBro.

We have given you a selection of great Logo, Brand Identity and Packaging Design elsewhere in the industry. But when it comes to making a stunning  design from from scratch- then there is a one big name DesignBro.

Here, we bring you a service known as DesignBro that will make the difference between creating a good design and a great design.

I’ve personally used DesignBro for a couple of my website projects. I’ve had clients use their Logo design feature as well. Based on those experiences, here’s my DesignBro review with how it works, price so many other features as well.


About DesignBro:

DesignBro is the world’s highest quality design platform. Get your logo design, packaging design, or brand identity design online with our hand-picked, top-quality designers.

It is also professional design platform that offers high-quality logo design services for clients. DesignerBro designers have multiple years of experience & are hand-curated. We aim to be the highest quality design platform in the logo design industry.


Make Money with DesignBro:

If you are a freelancer and want to make some good money online then DesignBro would be the best option for you. It is a another freelance marketplace to find the remote job online. In the present scenario they mostly offer logo design, branding, and packaging design.  As a remote online graphic designer, you can send your portfolio to DesignBro to join them.

DesignBro platform is fantastic, simple, organized, serious and professional. If you are a freelancer designer and  enthusiastic then you should thanks to DesignBro  because you can express your passion for graphics and get great satisfaction! I highly recommend this platform!


How they work

Just watch DesignBro short video to understand their way of working & to find out how they manage to deliver an “agency quality design for a freelancer’s best price” while making your life easier and independent.The good thing about DesignBro is that it gives a platform for new designers to find the job.

DesignBro is one of the largest marketplaces you could get literally hundreds of bids on a single project. In this ways you get best design at very best industry price.


3-10 Designs

Do you want to be flooded by tons of designs. Answer is No. DesignBro has years of professional design experience that gives you a option better to have a nice number at a higher quality.

The key feature of DesignBro that makes it different from other one’s in the industry are given below.

Better quality: Their designers are hand-picked by their creative team

Business friendly: As a small, medium or larger business, we understand your needs.



DesignBro offer world-class designing services at the budget price and their logo design price starts at just $199 dollar. Design bro works on bidding system but as a designer, you don’t need to compete 100 designers at the same time to get a job on design bro. You just want to give you biding price to get you job done.

They only allow 10 designers for each designing project means you don’t face any rush in the DesignBro . Therefore each designer can make good money on design bro.


1-Logo Design


Get your memorable logo designed by one of DesignBro professionals, that is totally hassle-free.

  • Up to 10 professional designs to choose from
  • Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with your unique logo
  • Boost your brand image


2-Brand Identity Design


From business cards to letterhead, find the designer that will make your brand with your given need.

  • Includes: logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope and compliment/note slips
  • Up to 10 professional designs to choose from
  • Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with your unique logo & Brand Identity
  • Boost your brand image
  • Create a consistent brand identity.


3-Packaging Design


Stand out with your unique packaging design created by one of our experts

  • Get your label, box, bag, sleeve, or any other form of packaging designed
  • Up to 10 professional designs to choose from
  • Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with great packaging design
  • Attract your target consumer with your awesome packaging


Steps to Select Designs

DesignBro gives you the very easy steps to choose best designs out of the service, which are gicen below.

STEP1:Start your competition by filling out our fool-proof briefing

STEP2: Select the designs you like

STEP3: Give feedback or ask for changes

STEP4: Pick your winner and download all the full-copyright design files you need.



If you are looking to make your website or blog really pop – you need a little graphic design, especially for you website or blog logo design. Having a custom design is going to be expensive. DesignBro puts quality graphic design within reach. I’m a big fan – and recommend them.

You should checkout their their Official page here

If you are looking for a designer, I would also use DesignBro (a portfolio site for designers) to sort for local ones to your taste.

Good luck!

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