ClickHelp Review:The Best Online Documentation Tool

In this article we are going to discuss ClickHelp Review. Before discussing on ClickHelp , we must know why we need ClickHelp?. Here  we are going to list some of the task accomplish by

1. With ClickHelp, companies are able to create an online documentation site very easily and  publish content for the end users to be able to easily find the answers online (through the company website, or via Google).

2. ClickHelp provides fast and easy access configuration for your online documentation also. In this way ClickHelp allows you to create groups of readers and manage access for several different groups in the fastest and easiest way – You just have to  select the docs available to each group and combine this with a per-user access configuration.

3. ClickHelp simplifies the way you make changes to the published content – just log in as an author, open the topic, and fix the things you need.


About ClickHelp:

ClickHelp is a online documentation and knowledge base tool. It is a browser-based solution that works everywhere, you just need a web browser. Online environment for teams to collaborate on user manuals, guides, FAQs and KBs; as well as a user-facing documentation site where you publish and update your content easily. Supports single-sourcing, SSO, password-protected documentation, export to printed formats, a lot of integrations, and more.

It works well on both Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems and runs smoothly on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


Why ClickHelp:

ClickHelp is a very user-friendly authoring platform that doesn’t  hamper your work with a steep learning curve. Right off the bat, you can easily get acquainted with the system and utilize it fully to meet your authoring and documentation needs.

Built to be versatile and quickly address changing requirements and demands, ClickHelp is an ideal for small companies that are looking to grow as it is scalable and comes packed with features to meet the needs of companies and organizations that employ multiple authors and departments.

With ClickHelp, you never have to worry about managing different or multiple versions of a Word document, thanks to the system’s Variables, Conditional Content and Publish Configurations. These functionalities make it easier for you to  vary  content for each of your output formats, simplifying the whole process and saving your time.

ClickHelp eliminates the need to implement complicated structured authoring approaches to implement single-sourcing. The software lets you enjoy single sourcing and fully take advantage of the WYSIWYG and HTML source authoring it offers.

The application is also equipped with an SEO functionality to further make your content highly visible, particularly your help articles, FAQs, and resolution pages among others. People now seek the Internet whenever they run into a problem. ClickHelp helps you optimize your content so that your articles, manuals, and self-help materials are easily searchable and accessible to your visitors.

It works well on Mac, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating and runs smotthly on popular browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox,Safari, and Internet Explorer


ClickHelp Features:

ClickHelp has a collection  of some great features which makes it different from its competitors.

  • security and data encryption
  • flexible content management
  • Password-protected documentation portals
  • Content migration opportunities
  • Provides SEO features
  • HTML WebHelp output
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Custom topic templates
  • Cross-platform and multi-format support
  • Responsive support team
  • Checklist
  • Integrations
  • Single-Sourcing
  • Content Management
  • Teamwork and Project Management
  • Cloud Authoring
  • Customer Feedback
  • Search Engine Friendly


ClickHelp Plan with Price:

ClickHelp offers four SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business:

Basic – $50/month or $43/month (annual billing)

  • 1 author
  • 0 reviewers
  • 150 topics
  • Mac/Windows Support
  • Secure Authoring
  • Import and Export
  • Single-Sourcing
  • Conditional Content
  • Version History
  • Basic Reporting
  • White Label

Standard – $75/month or $63/month (annual billing)

  • All Basic features
  • 3 authors
  • 15 reviewers
  • 300 topics
  • Topic Workflow
  • Review Notes
  • Email Notifications
  • Context Help
  • Custom Domain
  • Restricted Manuals

Pro – $250/month or $210/month (annual billing)

  • All Standard features
  • 6 authors
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • 2,000 topics
  • Author Roles
  • Reader Roles
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Single Sign-On
  • Zendesk Integration

Business – $500/month or $600/month (annual billing)

  • All Pro features
  • Extra author: $10/month
  • Custom Workflow
  • Branding Service
  • Onboarding Manager

For more detailed information click here.

Final  Recommendation:

After everything is said and done and after you’ve actually optimized ClickHelp’s services, I’m pretty positive that you will only experience the feelings of contentment and satisfaction. It’s a powerful online documentation tool that definitely serves as a benefit to you and your business.

If you would like to take my recommendation then go with

Order a free 30-day trial to try out all ClickHelp’s 200+ features and experience all the advantages of modern online help authoring.

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