Bridge24 Review: Trusted Way To Enhance Project Management Tools Capabilities

If you’re trying to find a sensible software package that provides increased reportage and commerce capabilities to position, Trello, and Basecamp then you’re at right page. these days here during this web log post we’ll indite one software package that smartly enhanced reportage and commerce capabilities to position, Trello, and Basecamp. The  name of this application is Bridge24. provides elaborate review options for Bridge24 that change you to be told additional concerning functionalities, valuation plans, furthermore as rating for all types of systems offered by alternative vendors and our professional recommendation on choosing the foremost appropriate product for your company. Similarly, study our reviews to induce a full read Bridge24 program.

Now it is time to begin the review.

About Bridge24

Bridge24 is a software package resolution that provides good increased reportage and commerce capabilities for project management software package like position, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject. It supports one-click dynamic affiliation that simply syncs the two apps in time period, with results reflects any update on either application is visible within the alternative application furthermore. Bridge24 additionally provides advanced reports  that square measure pretty much essential in any of the project management solutions.


Its has dynamic one-click affiliation that neatly permits users to firmly and quick access tools and functions that supply  views, reporting, analytics, and additional good management of work info. With their views, controls, filters, and commerce functions, Bridge24 provides users with good flexibility in organizing and classifying vital info. One huge factor that makes them distinctive from alternative similar platform  that it’ll very boost your team’s decision-making processes. Bridge24 additionally comes with helpful extensions just like the Trello Chart Suite for Chrome.


Why Bridge24 ?

Bridge24 is specilly for existing potential users of position, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. every of those project management software package has some missing helpful options that users perpetually needs to access. Bridge24 merely give those missing options in one suite.

The big factor for selecting Bridge twenty four is that it not solely give the missing helpful options the first project management tool were unable to deliver, however additionally they provide additional nice choices, and with easier navigation, in easier ways that, and at a cheaper worth choice in precisely one place.

Every position, Trello, Basecamp, or AceProject user needs given below addons options kind one tool

  • search and filter the precise info you would like to ascertain
  • create clear reports, with interactive charts
  • update their values per need
  • export reports and interactive charts into surpass and alternative major file formats

And you’ll do all of this by just one single tool (Bridge24).



Some of the good options of Bridge24 that makes them distinctive from the the other similar software package offered within the market square measure given below.

  • Dynamic Connectivity – Bridge24 online software package offers their users a quick and good affiliation to the project knowledge from their desired Project Management tool. Dynamic property access to info with none typical commerce, copy/pasting or configuration. Your knowledge edits and updates square measure instantly mirrored simply because knowledge is 2 directionally synchronal in time period .
  • Intuitive Interface: As we have a tendency to all understand interface play a significant role for inflated usability. Bridge24 provides nice usability with less intrusive notifications, quick load times for dialogs, and new font varieties and sizes for higher readability choices. The Bridge24 intuitive program neatly enable their users to straightforward and quick read, add or edit tasks, or filter alternative work things for your comes. It additionally has fast action menus, a treeview list, quick & secure loading, support for custom fields (Asana and Trello).
  • Powerful Views  : Bridge24 will simply give completely different views, like the interactive tabular installation read, a time and urgency perspective with a Calendar read, and a work flow pursuit Board read. Bridge24 users will simply switch views in one click. It even have another smart options like document preview, task redaction and task history, and multi language support for English, French and Spanish.
  • Interactive Charts and Reports: Bridge24Users will simply produce a range of interactive charts, as well as knowledge from custom fields. they will even be rapt or hide segments, drill right down to detail structure, stack a pair of variables in one chart and opt for however they’re stacked, share, copy or export to PDF.
  • Exporting Tools and Controls– Bridge24 has powerful commerce tools that enable users to extract project info from their Project Management application. It additionally has glorious controls, thus user will filter the precise knowledge they need to incorporate for reportage and alternative functions. Bridge24 user will simply export in surpass, CSV, PDF and alternative formats. they will additionally simply export comments, custom fields, and task history.  It support free a pair of Chrome extensions, like Trello surpass Export Suite Chrome extension for fast export of their Trello knowledge to surpass. alternative tools that embody a user account that stores all their connectors, views, filters and  parameters, an internet chat for feedback and support furthermore, Associate in Nursing affiliate program for a ancillary community of users.


Bridge24 Pricing

Bridge24 offers a free 7-day trial. once the test period you’ll simply opt for your set up supported the quantity of users you would like for your project account. The Premium monthly set up for one user is $5 per month or $48 annually. valuation per user gets decreasing as additional users square measure enclosed within the account.


Bridge24 has a wonderful support team that may be reached anytime via email. In my expertise, they tried themselves to be very useful and fast to reply. Bridge24 is one among the few software package in it’s field that provides full 24/7  email support. I actually have found their support department to be very fast to unravel issues any software package connected we’ve ever faced.


Final Recommendation:

With all of this in mind, let’s get down to the big question here after reading the above review post: “Would we recommend it?”
And the answer to this is a resounding and absolute “YES”. Bridge24

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