Best Parental Control App For Windows 10

We tested 18 Parental control programs and narrowed it down to the best 12 solutions by looking at how effectively each control and blocks. We also considered whether the program slows down your system and evaluated the number and quality checks also. K9 Web Protection is our top pick for the best parental control apps because it is consistent in protecting against inappropriate and phishing schemes.

As a parent, it is your moral duty that you must know what your children can do when they are online.There is know doubt to say that today’s children spend a majority of their time online, and they may encounter inappropriate content (content which promotes racism, hate, violence, cyber crime etc.).

Now it’s time to take some action to over come this problem by using parental control apps to control what your children can do when they are online. Parental control apps can restrict your child actions on the internet. These apps will let you schedule Computer for your child, block inappropriate websites and give you a notification if any one tries to open those blocked sites on your Computer.

Top 10 Parental Control Software for Windows 10

1. K9 Web Protection:

K9 Web Protection is a free parental control app for your Window 10. It is a very good and useful app if you want to block some inappropriate and malicious websites for use. You can set timing for your child at which they can use internet. You can also block set of inappropriate websites . If any one want to open these sites than you will get a sound that signifies any one want to open your block sites.

If you want to browse these restricted website you just enter password and remove restriction on it.

Download K9 Web Protection for the best Internet filtering and parental control tools in one free suite package

Download K9 web Protection here

2. Qustodio:

Qustodio consistently scores high on independent tests for best parental control app in Windows 10. It is a good choice if your child uses Windows 10 since it is one of the few programs that is compatible with all Windows operating system formats. Qustodio let you block inappropriate websites by selecting a filter category, such as pornography, drugs. You can also set time limits for when your child can be online and for how long. Qustodio also includes a personal firewall and a safe browser. Apart from Windows 10 Qustodio is also available for Mac, Android, IOS and Kindle.

It has two free as well as paid plans. You can enjoy it’s most of the features in free version schedule the use of Computer, block bad websites, and set rules for use of Windows 10 for your child. But if you want SMS alerts, social media features, and pre-application controls, you have to go for Qustodio paid version.

Download Qustudio here

3. Open DNS Family Shield:

OpenDNS Family Shield is a free parental control app. All the setting of Open DNS family shield is preconfigured. You don’t want to make any setting. This is the easiest and user friendly parental app for Windows 10.

Apply below ip address to configuring OpenDNS family shield.

-Write the Following IP address in Preferred DNS Server field

-Write the Following IP address in Alternate DNS Server field

In this way OpenDNS Family Shield makes your internet surfing faster, easier and safer for your kids.

Download Open DNS family Shield here

4. Kidlogger:

It is a free parental control app for Android, Windows and Mac. It very easy and user friendly. In its premium version, Kidlogger can even keep track of all SMS chatting and calling of your kid easily.

About the download, KidLogger is a light program that requires less space than the average program in the section Security software. It’s a program very heavily used in Philippines, India, and Egypt.

It’s available for users with the operating system Windows 10 and former versions, and you can get it only in English. The current version of the software is 7.1 and was updated on 26/11/2017.

Download Kidlogger from here

5. KidsWatch Pro:

Kidswatch Pro is a very professional parental control app for Windows 10 operating system. It has different category of setting for different type of child age group. Here is default settings for kids:

  • Teens (14 to 18) Light Restrictions
  • Adolescents (11-13) Medium Restrictions
  • Youngsters (8-10) Moderate Restrictions
  • Children (7 and under) Heavy Restrictions

Here are some of the best features of Kids Watch pro.

  1. Computer time limits
  2. Monitor Chat Sessions
  3. Block website access
  4. Block we content
  5. Setting by child
  6. Predator alert
  7. E-MAIL alerts
  8. Reports

Download Kids Watch Pro here

6. Windows Live Family Safety:

Window live family safety is a freeware app made by Micrsoft. This is the build in app in the Windows 10. To activate this app you just require a Microsoft account.

In the main feature of Window live family safety you can limit searches, block or allow websites. You can easily decide who your kids can communicate with when they’re using Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and what websites they’re visiting.It is very easy to use as compare to other parental control app. You just need to register a page online.

7. Spyrix Free Keylogger:

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful parental control program for complete and detailed REMOTE MONITORING of usechild activity. It is a free software that monitor your child by recording their keystrokes and taking periodic screenshots.

If you choose Spyrix Pro license plan than gets some of the extra ordinary features like Making snapshots from user web camera, Microphone Voice Surveillance,WEB Camera Surveillance.

It’s available for users with the operating system Windows 10 and former versions and Mac also. The current version of the software is  v.11.1.3 and was updated on Apr 12, 2018.

Download Spyrix Free Kelogger here

8. PikLuk:

Pikluk Browser is designed for those children who like to browse the web and use email. Parents can create a list of websites which you do not want to open for your kids in the PikLuk app. PikLuk app lets your kid open useful educational sites, games and right useful content sites for them.

It is a Safe web browser, especially designed for children.

Download Piklook here

9. Kidzui:

Kidzui is a free, safe parental control web browser founded in Sen Diego. KidZui is a graphical Web browser designed just for kids with access to over a 800,000 kid-friendly Web sites, pictures, and videos. The main features of this browser are.

  • Free & fast download
  • Always available
  • Tested virus-free


Download Kidzui here

10. Social Shield:

It is  very good parental app for windows 10 which monitor all the social activity of you child on the internet. If any child wants to open any bad thing then this will be noticed on the dashboard of your Social shield app. This app is proudly made by Avira group.

Download Social Shield here


However,  At last I would like to mention that while parental control software will help you shield your children from the dangerous web world and objectionable content, there is nothing better than a real conversation between children and their parents.

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