Best OnlyFans alternatives to sell content like crazy

A growing number of people are turning to content creation to make a living while others just want to be an adult influencer on the side. Whatever the case might be, full-time content creator or just a side gig, there are plenty of sites that can help you get there.

Thanks to influencers that turn to technologies to help them keep their audience and promote their content, platforms like OnlyFans have grown in popularity, with similar sites constantly emerging. So there’s no shortage of options for anyone who wants to kickstart a career in content creation these days.

While Only Fans was an all-time favorite at the beginning and the most popular subscription-based platform, it went down the ranks following it’s ban on sexually explicit content.

In case you can’t recall, in August of 2011, OnlyFans announced that they would prohibit explicit adult content on their platform, and only after a big backlash, they revoked their decision. However, adult content creators didn’t feel safe anymore, and had already started looking for OnlyFans alternatives to earn money. Now, following their footsteps, we present you a list of the best sites like OnlyFans where you can sell your content and make a killing.

Best alternatives to OnlyFans

1- My.Club

My.Club is one of the websites similar to OnlyFans: same concept, but with way more options and features to make money, cooler, and with no unexpected turns when it comes to adult content. As they have already stated, they’ll always keep the site adult friendly no matter what.

You just have to create your club, put a price for people to pay in case they want to subscribe, and then you sell your unique content and get 80% of the money you make with sales.

For creators that already have accounts on other platforms, My.Club allows them to transfer all their existing content so that they don’t have to waste time uploading everything from scratch. So if you have an OnlyFans, you can export all your content to My.Club in just one click.

There’s strength in numbers, and as such, My.Club enables you to collaborate with other creators so that you can make posts highlighting one another. You will be able to connect with other creators and make friends while generating more traffic. It’s the perfect way to promote your club without spending any penny or effort.

Additionally, My.Club has a great messaging system where content creators can sell their content directly to their fans. You can mass message them a text message, but also a video or photo that will be blurred until they pay to unlock it.

Amongst their amazing features they also have a referral program that will get you a 10% of revshare forever, the option for subscribers to send appreciation tips to their preferred creators, and teaser posts that anyone on the internet can see.

2- AVN Stars

One of the best OnlyFans alternatives on our list is AVN Stars. In fact, there are many things on AVN Stars that will remind you of OnlyFans, as they offer the very same experience. Similarly to the latter, AVN Stars offers a monthly membership that is required for fans to access your content. But not only you can make money from subscriptions; members can also send you tips in exchange for footage and private messages.

AVN Stars deducts only a 20% from all your revenue, and it offers features such as emojis that you can include in your content, the ability to set up different subscription tiers, and the possibility to go for a paid or free subscription. But if we have to select one as the number one, that would be their search option. Users can easily look for their favorite creators thanks to their top-notch search tool that directs members to verified creators.

3- FanCentro

Next one up is FanCentro, which is quite adaptable and has a variety of income streams and features, like pay-to-view feed, clip store, DMs, and even live streaming.

But that’s not all. They have a crew prepared to assist you with migrating all your existing content from OnlyFans, so you don’t have to start from zero. To top it off, they also offer an influencer education program called Centro University, where they teach you how to use the platform to the best of its possibilities and maximize your revenue with in-depth tutorials.

Last but not least, FanCentro’s profitable referral program rewards creators with 10% of the profit each creator they refer makes. For a whole year.

4- Fanvue

Fanvue is the perfect Only Fans replacement. It’s a place for all types of creators, whether gamers, sportspeople, writers or sex workers. So whatever your niche is, you have a place for it in Fanvue, and advertizing it won’t be an issue; Fanvue makes it simple for creators to advertize their profiles and assist members who are only browsing the platform to find said profiles. That’s one of Fanvue’s great potential.

On the other hand, Fanvue also has a rapid payment function that issues payouts immediately after your earnings have been credited to your Fanvue account. So there’s no lengthy clearing period following a withdrawal request.

5- AdultNode

Forget about memberships here: AdultNode is a social media site that welcomes pornographic content and operates on a token basis. Users purchase token bundles, which they then use to buy content from their preferred influencers. Moreover, they provide a VIP account upgrade that it is based on subscriptions and provides many advantages for creators.

AdultNode has a CrowdPay feature, with which creators may set goals and raise money for them. And guess what cut the site takes from creators’ earnings? Only a 15%!

6- ManyVids

ManyVids only features adult content, with creators selling real goods, live cam sessions and individual videos in addition to subscriptions. But what really sets ManyVids apart, is their great wide variety of specific fetish categories, making it a great place to fetish creators. ManyVids also provides members with the option to tip creators.

7- LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a very popular OnlyFans competitor. LoyalFans offers monthly memberships to content creators and various other ways to sell your content on the site. You are allowed to upload not only text, but also videos, photos, and even audio content. You can send anything via SMS to your fans for a fee of your choice, and LoyalFans will only keep 20% of all sales; the remaining 80% is for the creator.

Some of LoyalFans’ pros are the recommendation program with 5% bonus on transactions, the modern features that include live streaming, and the very user-friendly platform that grants access to many important training opportunities.

On the flip side, LoyalFans offers less information selling and exchanging alternatives.

8- ModelHub

ModelHub boasts a great number of ways to make money like movies, personalized images and ad income. On top of that, they offer marketing and advertizing to their customers.

The percentage reward on video purchases is an 65%, and an 80% on Fanclub content. But that’s not even the best part. One of ModelHub best assets is the big amount of traffic they have. You will never feel alone and will always find someone to sell your content to. Moreover, they have numerous options and strategies for promoting your page and thus earn good income. And we cannot forget about their lucrative referral program, which pays you a one-time fee of $50 for every influencer you recommend.

The only downside of ModelHub is that payouts have become increasingly constrained, and that payment is made one a month.

9- Scrile Connect

The biggest difference between Scrile and OnlyFans, is that OnlyFans requires you to bring fangs to the platform and still cuts a 20% on every transaction, whereas Scrile doesn’t take any cut. A 0%. So if you want to build a content-selling empire, with Scrile you can.

Some of the platforms stunning array of features includes tips, pay-per-minute calls, and live streaming.

10- iFans

If one thing stands out to everyone when they hear of iFans, that’s the amount of money that it allows you to earn. If you bring a new fan to any creator on the platform, you will receive a 50% of all payments made by this new fan to that specific creator.

The way this can be achieved, is with shoutouts. You can tag any creator, and if they also tag you, this gives you both the possibility to get new followers through each other’s audience.

Other remarkable features of iFans are their external affiliate feature (you can drive traffic from outside the platform) and the possibility to do live streams.

11- Megacams

One of the best ways to make good money as a content creator is not through subscriptions, but selling content. While many platforms offer this additional possibility, there’s one that mainly focus on that and can help you build a business around it: Megacams.

You can create a page on Megacams to sell all your content directly to fans, from videos to photos, and what makes this alternative different is that Megacams helps you be discoverable by members thanks to its content creator search system. So unlike Onlyfans, Megacams helps you with marketing your page.

Aside from selling content, you can also get money from chatting with your fans. You set the price that they will have to pay in order to sext you.

However, Megacams has a big commission charge of 40%.


Cliq runs subscriptions just like OnlyFans does, and they also have other features such as paid messages and phone calls, mass messages, or PPVs. They are 100% adult friendly and let you keep 85% of your revenue for the first twelve months. In addition, they have a referral bonus of a 3% for life.

13- AdmireMe

AdmireMe was founded by a former stripper for all sex workers out there, so as expected, it’s totally adult friendly.

One of our favorite features of the site is that it has a superb search option that enables members to find the content they’re interested in. Thus, you can rest assure that your target audience will find their way to you.

Another way of gaining exposure is being featured on their homepage, which happens once you hit 50 posts.

14- Unlockd

Unlockd is a platform for producing adult content that has the potential to overtake OnlyFans. It offers a discovery mechanism that gives all creators an equal opportunity to sell themselves and be found by potential fans. All content creators get their own dashboard, and Unlockd only takes a 15% portion of their total earnings. What’s more, they provide excellent customer care that guarantees to resolve problems within 24 hours.

15- FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is a social media platform where adult content crators can make money by selling their videos or subscriptions. However, you must note that FriendsOnly does not permit information that violates the law.

Another fantastic approach for creators to increase their income is through user requests for customized videos.

The fact that FriendsOnly rewards its members for their performance with gifts is one of the main advantages it has over other websites of a similar nature. You might win an iPhone, a car, or a trip to your preferred location, for instance.


Final words

In the unlikely case that none of the OnlyFans alternative platforms mentioned above convince you, there’s still one last shot, something else you can try: create your very own website where you post and sell your content, thus keeping 100% of the income. And before you fret thinking “but I don’t know how to code or develop a website”, know there are a lot of easy options nowadays to create one. There are already a great number of websites where you can host and sell your content.

You can also just pay someone to develop a fully functional subscription-based website for you to own and manage.

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