AutoInsta Review: The Trusted Way To Grow Your Authentic Instagram Followers

Increase your Instagram audience with the most powerful Instagram growth service on the market using the advanced social media technology available. The name of this Instagram growth service provider is AutoInsta.

Here in this article we are going to review AutoInsta, which is given below.


What is AutoInsta:

The process of growing an Instagram account from the scratch is not that simple and that is why people result in growth tools such as AutoInsta. Most Instagram users are always attracted to accounts with high activity levels. For that we need a trusted automation tool like AutoInsta.

Autoinsta provides genuine followers, likes & views for Instagram and a range of other social media platforms.They came out top for speed of delivery, and for retention (keeping the followers you buy).

Autoinsta is an automation tool and it never sells likes or followers. It enables users to automate the like/follow/unfollow actions and thereby increase their engagement levels.


Why AutoInsta:

Would you willingly share your Instagram passwords with a random person you meet on the internet or offline? Most people are sceptical because you never know what such a person will do with your details. AutoInsta is different because you do not need to send your password.

All you need to give is your username and you receive your likes or followers within an hour. This is after you have completed your order and paid for the services.

This company will also require your email for communication purposes.


The Process:

In addition to the great contents you have, growing real instagram followers requires being consistently active on the platform. They automatically like posts, follow, and unfollow users the way you want it.


Some of the great features that makes AutoInsta unique from other competitor in the market are given below.

  • No APIs & Passwords: They don’t use Instagram’s official APIs so that it can’t cut you off. The main benefit is that they don’t need your password.
  • Wide Searches: Find people to follow with hashtags and locations. They can also follow specific user’s followers/likers/commenters.
  • Filters: Follow users with certain number of followers/follows/posts. They can also avoid private users and those who have certain words in their bio.
  • Unfollow Easy: Automatically unfollow users who don’t follow you back. You can always whitelist your friends or VIPs so they won’t unfollow them.
  • LIKE Like a king: Strategically collect hashtags and made  your own feed, They will automatically like the posts on your behalf.
  • No risk of Getting Banned: Every move can be timed and refined, so your account doesn’t run the risk of getting banned for being too active.


Steps To Use AutoInsta:

These are some of the key steps by which you can easily use AutoInsta in your browser specially in Chrome.


  • Enable Developer Mode in Chrome’s Extension Management.
  • Download the zip file below.
  • NowUnzip it. Then
  • Now “Load unpacked extension…”, point to the unzipped folder.

DOWNLOAD Click here for download


Explore around, see the new buttons? Use them to collect accounts and hashtags into the pools to follow/like.


Turn on the switch and leave the browser open. I will automatically work in the background based on your specifications.

STEP4: Watch:

Make adjustments when needed. Now you can truly focus on creating awesome contents for your followers.



Price always plays a vital role on deciding for any product and services. The price structure of AutoInsta is very economical as compare to other it’s competitor present in the market.

They provide two plans which are given below.

  • Free
  • Standard

New users get up to free 10-day trial before you commit to the STANDARD plan. Let us see the detail structure of these plans.



Price: $/ month
  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS




Price: $5.99 / month
  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited FOLLOWS
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS
  • Up to 30% Discount
  • Plus future TRENDS features and tips

New users get a default 3-day trial license, with extension to a 10-day license after confirming email.


It is 100% Safe:

Basically Autoinsta is a Chrome extension, they don’t need your password, nor do they depend on Instagram’s official APIs. This means they live inside of your Chrome browser and only works with In short we say that Autoinsta is 100% safe to use.


Final Recommendation:

After reading all the information about AutoInsta now you have a clear idea about it. If you would like to take my recommendation then you should go with AutoInsta always which grow your Instagram views, comments and likes. If still have more query related to Autoinsta quality service then feel free to contact us at given below comment section.

If you’re planning to buy Instagram views then there is nothing better than AutoInsta their service is just outstanding. You’ll get high quality and real followers within a small amount of time. Also, you’ve space to choose different plans according to your requirements and budget.

What you need more?

Go for AutoInsta and give a try to

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