6 Things to Think About Before Creating a Logo For Your Company

There are many things to consider when physically building a company.  And as they say, “The Devil Is In The Details.” Everything from interior and exterior color schemes, to the company letterhead, and of course the trusted company logo.

But what should you incorporate into that logo?  You want to send a message, a message that will be forever engraved in your customers minds. Let’s take a look at 6 things to think about before creating a logo for your company.

  1. Do Your Homework

Carefully and methodically research what the company is all about.  Maybe the company name suggests a certain color or a certain shape. Or perhaps a numeral. Think about how this logo is going to look on the side of the building, the side of a truck, or possibly even on a billboard? Logos that are pleasing to the eye sets a tone for your company, so get all the information you can before committing to something that just looks right or seems to be missing something.

      2. Go Against The Grain

Don’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk, remember you want your logo to be symbolic of the company that you have worked so hard to bring to life.  Being a little daring is ok, but remember to keep it tasteful. Think about the demographic of your customers, you don’t want to offend anyone in any way whatsoever.  The best logos are the ones that we remember and automatically associate a certain brand. Like the Golden Arches of Mcdonald’s. That was a logo that had absolutely nothing to do with burgers and fries, yet we all know what company stands behind it.

       3. Looks Good in Black and White

Perhaps creating the perfect logo just can’t be done in any other color.  If it looks good in black and white it will look great on letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.  Clean crisp lines with not a lot of detail can really pop when done in black and white. The logo could totally be done in black against a snow white background and come off looking very neat and clean, a good attribute when trying to convey a message about the company.  And a white logo on a black background works in the same fashion. Simple lines with simple colors. Black and white gets to the point without a lot of distraction from other colors.  

       4. Keep Proportions in Mind

Size matters.  Is your logo going to look the same on a business card as it does on a billboard?  Is your logo slanted, like one that has the word “jiffy” at a slant to indicate speed or quickness?  Many company’s purchase vehicle wraps to “tattoo” their company vehicles with a logo, Is your logo going to look good on the side or the hood of an automobile or perhaps a service type truck?  Keeping things in proportion can sometimes be difficult when the logo is being dispersed on several different mediums. Again, try to keep in mind, simple color, simple lines.

        5.Think Outside the Box

Having a catchy line or slogan to go along with your logo is something that if pulled off correctly, can pay for itself over and over again.  While this is similar to going against the gran in number 2, it really can make not only your logo memorable but your business as well. A well thought out and perfectly executed slogan can be the source of a ton of advertising.  Think of a catchy logo on t-shirts or bumper stickers and there again does that size suit the logo and the slogan together? And don’t offend anyone with your slogan, remember to keep it clean.

        6. Keep the Clutter Out

Eliminate all the excess color and shapes.  We have all seen a logo or two in our time that just looked to “busy!” Too many lines, too many shapes, too much fine intricate detail. It’s a logo not a gingerbread house. Create something enjoyable, something pleasing to the eye, not an eyesore. Some of the most famous logos are just plain simple lines presented in a fashion that imprints itself into our minds and our everyday life.  Again, think about those Golden Arches. Make it a memory that can be passed down to generation after generation.

In the world of logo creation, these are the 6 things to be considered before you commit to something that just doesn’t speak your voice, or promote your brand. 

A company will fight very hard to stake its claim when it comes to branding. And the perfect logo, presented in the perfect way, can really be one of the most beneficial factors that will literally pay for itself time and time again.


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