Password Boss Review : Best Password Manager Tool

Password Boss is the best password manager that has all the  essentials features that a good password manager should have. But many of the features that make a password manager worthwhile are only available in the premium version, and it also have all comprehensive security features.   About Password Boss: Password Boss is a great

LibertyVPS Review: Best Offshore VPS Hosting

If you are looking for a offshore VPS Server hosting which support Bitcoin as a payment mode then you are at right place. There are various VPS providers in the hosting market that ensure that they come with all the new advanced features but their pricing is so high that it is not affordable to

DesignBro Review: Best Design Service At Affordable Price

If you are in search for a company who provides best logo design, packaging design or we can say brand identity design then you are at right place. Yes we talking about none other then DesignBro. We have given you a selection of great Logo, Brand Identity and Packaging Design elsewhere in the industry. But

Top 6 Best OCR Software (Optical Character Recognition)

Optical character recognition (OCR) software allow you to quickly convert printed or handwritten text document into digital text. Say you want to quickly copy and edit text from an image on Instagram or a scanned photo. You can do that very easily without any time consuming with an  Best OCR software. Abest OCR will extracttext

Top 5 Best Transactional Email Services

The transactional email system is very useful to send invoices, receipts, reminders, and notifications to their users.Transactional emails  plays a very vital role for every email marketer’s success.  These are the type of emails that are monitored by a certain action made by the user such as account creation, password reset, notifications for profile activity,

Top 5 Best Video Animation Software

Animation videos are a great way to easily convey ideas and deliver messages to your audience. Leveraging the power of visual graphics can help you to promote your startup business or boost your product conversions. Depending on your skills, you can choose from different types of software available both offline and online, for professionals and amateur