VPN Reviews 2021: Is iProVPN Worth the Subscription?

Everyone is familiar with the internet, if you’re reading this, then you already know how the internet works, what it does, and the constant cybersecurity threats you are under while online. As we learned new things, so did the criminals; new ways to harm us and misuse our data.

One of the most efficient ways to protect your data and activity online is through a VPN. A VPN keeps you safe and anonymous throughout your entire session and makes sure no one can trace or record your activity.

However, a question we often find ourselves asking is which VPN to choose? The market is vast and there is a new entrant almost every other day, which makes the decision tougher. Currently, one of the latest VPNs is iProVPN.

Today, we will be going over iProVPN, its features, pricing plans, speed, worth, etc. Keep reading to find out whether iProVPN is worth your money or not!

iProVPN In a Nutshell

A brief insight into iProVPN before we get into the details; iProVPN is a British Virgin Islands-developed VPN that speaks volumes about its privacy services! The British Virgin Islands is known for being an autonomous body with its law and court.

Furthermore, iProVPN promises to provide you with the very best of privacy services along with creating a strong communication link between the user and the private network. They operate on trust-building policies and promise never to keep records of your data or any information.

Moreover, it uses some of the VPN protocols out there to ensure the best encryption such as their AES-256-Bit encryption made for military-grade security.

Similarly, other than privacy and security, iProVPN also offers unblocking of almost all major geo-restricted platforms and extremely fast streaming with little to no buffering due to its Unlimited Bandwidth!

In a nutshell, the VPN looks very promising. However, there are a few things that require working on such as the availability of locations are limited, some servers lack speed and are lagging, and they lack web inspection features.

Some of the Best iProVPN Features

iProVPN is currently offering some of the very best features out there that are comparable to all the bigger competitors out there. Here are a few that particularly stood out for us:

  • No Logs Policy: iProVPN clearly states in its privacy policy that they take your anonymity very seriously, and when they say anonymous, they mean it. None of your data is recorded or held back by the VPN company itself, when you are online, you are surfing completely secured.
  • DNS/IP Leak Protection: iProVPN uses the very best of security services and ensures that there are no breaches within your DNS or IP address connections, making sure that your time online is uninterrupted, seamless, and trouble-free.
  • Kill Switch: this is probably one of the most important features these days, with unsecure Wi-Fi connections, you should never want to browse the web unconnected. The Kill Switch ensures to disconnect you from the internet if your VPN connection is ever compromised.
  • AES 256-Bit Encryption: as we said, privacy and security are no joke for the people at iProVPN. They use military-grade security protocols to ensure that your connection remains encrypted throughout your session online and is not accessed by anyone else but you.
  • Smart Connect: another one of the newest inventions by VPN providers all over is Smart Connect. Once you have subscribed and logged into iProVPN, it will automatically detect the best-suited server for you based on your distance, and instead of having to manually choose a server, you can automatically connect to this one with one tap.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: iProVPN truly is the best VPN for streaming and online gaming, it provides you with excellent speed online because of its unlimited bandwidth- there is no restriction of how much you want to upload or download.


Pricing Plans

If you’re not new to VPNs, you know the drill by now. Every VPN has several promotional offers going on most of the time and multiple pricing options to choose from.
While we’ve deduced that iProVPN is not the cheapest option out there, the price is fairly set but there are cheaper alternatives available.
Currently, iProVPN has 3 different plans available, which are:
⦁ A 1-month plan for $10 per month.
⦁ A 1-year plan for $2.9 per month, which is billed annually at $34.95.
⦁ A 2-year plan for $2.1 per month, which is billed bi-annually at $49.95.
Moreover, iProVPN offers a free 30-day trial upon subscription which means if you subscribe, you get the first month completely free. To top it off, they even have a 30-day money-back guarantee and the option to cancel your subscription as well.

Why Should You Subscribe to iProVPN?

Now comes the real question, why should one subscribe to iProVPN? Is it as good as it claims to be? iProVPN has its list of benefits and drawbacks, and we’re going to give you a full analysis of what outweighs what and whether it is worth the subscription or not.
Beginning with the user-interface, iProVPN has a relatively friendly user-interface and website which is probably easily understandable by everyone. Moreover, it is also extremely compatible- with an application for almost every other device such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.
What’s better is that once you have an application installed, up to 10 family members can easily connect to one subscription and it supports multiple logins! Sounds like a win-win situation to us.
Furthermore, when iProVPN said that they care about their users, they weren’t lying- and their 24/7 support and support center is proof! With a representative almost always available and ready to help, you are never going to be sent back disappointed. They even have a dedicated blog that caters to more in-depth issues and tutorials.
While all of this sounds great, there are a few things that just didn’t sit right with us about iProVPN. The first being their limited location options- currently, they only have 150 locations within their domain, which isn’t exactly the best.
Also, makes us wonder whether we should be paying such a price only to get fewer locations since you can probably find a cheaper VPN in the market.

The Final Verdict

Coming to an end, we believe iProVPN is a good VPN in terms of streaming, online gaming, and torrenting due to its high privacy services that will keep you anonymous throughout your session and its unlimited bandwidth which will provide you with the speed you need.
However, in terms of multiple locations or if you tend to switch servers often, this is not the VPN for you.

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