Top 3 Best Server Security Tools In The World

Server security tools used to be focused on safeguarding physical servers. Each box required login credentials, and administrative privileges were required to change anything. Software such as antivirus and malware protection were directly installed on each machine.

These days, the physical server is just another endpoint — albeit an important one. There are many ways to protect server resources, including backup, antivirus, patching, intrusion detection, and many more. Here are our top 3 picks for the best server protection tools, in a particular order:

Best Server Security Tool In The World

1st- BitNinja:

BitNinja Server Security is an award-winning security tool designed for Linux servers. You can easily install BitNinja on your server in less than two minutes. The best thing about BitNinja is that it doesn’t even require any maintenance. It compromises both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. BitNinja sits directly in your server infrastructure which allows it to detect any attacks in advance.


Another amazing thing about BitNinja is their defense network tech. With their defense network, every server defended by BitNinja around the world learns from each attack. The attack information is then forwarded to the central server and other BitNinja servers. With the help of this network, the protective shield against the attacks becomes much stronger. BitNinja provides its users with the latest cutting-edge server security technology and helps in avoiding any server attacks.

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There are six main features offered by BitNinja:

  • Realtime IP Reputation
  • Honeypots
  • WAF
  • Log Analysis
  • DoS Detection
  • Malware Detection

Day after day, we hear stories of people’s websites getting hacked. We can honestly say that BitNinja is hands down the best and most cost effective security service in the WordPress industry.

If government websites can be hacked, then so can yours – no matter what you do. However it’s much better to find out that your website is hacked from a monitoring service rather than finding out from your users or better yet from Google when they blacklist your website.

More importantly, it’s definitely worth the peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, we have a team of security experts who’ll help us clean everything properly.

BitNinja is a leading security company and they’ve been mentioned in major publications like and many more  in the world . We have personally met with their co-founder and can honestly say that they are a trustworthy company, and we’re in good hands.

All the times that we have interacted with BitNinja’s support team, they have been quick, polite, and helpful.

If we were to rate BitNinja’s service and support, we would give them a 5 out of 5.

Rating: 9.4/10


2nd- Monarx:

Monarx protects web environments against attack. Their cloud delivered server protection provides continuous real-time malicious script detection and proactive prevention without using signatures. They also offer a free hunting and remediation engine for web shells/backdoors.


Their solution hardens servers and applications reducing the attack surface, by providing actionable intelligence about web security posture based on real world best practices. Monarx is leading the way in non-signature based post exploit prevention

Rating: 8.4/10


3rd- Immunify360:

Imunify360 is the complete, multi-layered web server security platform. It has an advanced firewall/WAF with machine-learning rulesets, IDS/IPS, automatic virus & malware scanning and removal, malicious PHP script detection and blocking (“Proactive Defense” component), rebootless kernel etc.

Imunify360 makes it easy to secure websites:

  • Fully automated operation keeps servers safe and eliminates human error;
  • AI-powered “herd protection” aggregates and leverages threat intelligence reports from other installations;
  • An integrated security console built into your hosting control panel;
  • Convenience of a robust CLI, for automation and reporting;
  • Supplied with world-class 24x7x365 technical support included.


Rating: 8.2/10

The Importance of Server Security Tools

Server security remains as vital as ever. Hackers might use phishing to gain access to an end user’s laptop, but still they are gaining access to a server and its associated administrative privileges.

Hence, organizations should ensure their servers are given special attention when it comes to protection. Choosing the right server security tools for your business should be among your highest priorities.


Our Recommendation:  BitNinja

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