Flaunt7 Review: Best Offshore And DMCA Ignored Hosting

Looking for a industry best Offshore and DMCA ignored hosting then you at right place. After doing  a proper research on different Offshore and DMCA ignored hosting I had found on Flaunt7 a very good hosting service, speed of server, resources, technical support excellent.

Flaunt7  is a hosting provider that provides a variety of hosting services at affordable prices and is more flexible than most other providers (even the biggies) in the in the web hosting industry . So I want to do a review of Flaunt7 Hosting and see how it is a best DMCA ignored hosting in the industry.

What is Flaunt7 Hosting?

If you are looking for a hosting service provider that can easily adjust to your expanding needs and doesn’t cost much then Flaunt7 is an excellent option. You can host WordPress blogs, Image Galleries and even ecommerce website. One big thing it is the among one of the best & affordable DMCA ignored web hosting in the world.

It is completely managed so, you don’t need to configure or tweak anything. Just run your business. Also, they have 24*7*365 support options in the form of live chat, email and phone support.


Why Flaunt7 Hosting:

There are several reasons which signify Flaunt7 Hosting is best Offshore and DMCA protected hosting. The one big reason is that it’s all hosting plans are specially made for Offshore.

Here some of the key features which gives you a brief idea about why it the best Offshore and DMCA Ignored Hosting.

-Performance Optimization

Our experienced engineers will help you get the most out of your cloud with cloud optimization, superior technology and cloud tuning.

-Powerful Hardware

Experience performance on latest gen.processors, a higher memory-to-core ratio, and solid-state drive, forming an ultimate platform for ultra-high performance requirements.

-Worldwide Support

Our committed support team is available 24*7 over emails and even on calls if critical. Your data is backed up daily automatically with the best backup manager.

-24/7/365 monitoring.

A team of technicians monitor Flaunt7’s infrastructure at all times. This is to minimize any unwanted activity on the network whilst solving new issues on the spot.

-99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Flaunt7 is confident to share that the overall uptime of its network exceeds 99.99%. It puts extensive time into monitorization and renewal of technological parts to maintain this percentage.


Plans & Pricing:

Flaunt7 has three type of service plan which are given below with their price tag also.

1-Offshore Shared Hosting

It Further sub divided into 6 more category which are given below

  • Personal
  • Startup
  • Startup Pro
  • Business
  • Business Pro
  • Enterprise

Key Feature and essential features and their respective price you need to see given below image.


2- Offshore VPS Hosting

This Flaunt7 Offshore hosting is further subdivided in to four categories which are given below.

Strating Price: $14.99/month

  • Linxoid 6GB
  • Linxoid 12GB
  • Linxoid 24GB
  • Linxoid 50GB

Key Feature and essential features and their respective price you need to see given below image.


3- Offshore Dedicated Server

Flaunt7 Offshore Dedicated Server is further divided in to 4 categories which are given below.

Starting Price: $99.99/month

  • Elanza Core 2 Quad
  • Elanza Core i7 4 Core
  • Elanza Core i7 6-Core
  • Elanza Xeon E5 2620v2 12-Core
  • Elanza Xeon E5 2630v4 10 Core
  • Elanza Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 20 Core

Key Feature: Reliable physical servers, designed for most demanding businesses.


4- High Privacy VPS:

Further subdivided in to 4 categories which are given below.

Starting Price: $49.99

  • Offshore 4GB
  • Offshore 8GB
  • Offshore 16GB
  • Offshore 32GB


5- Offshore Reseller Hosting

Flaunt7 Reseller hosting is further subdivided in to 3 categories which are given below.

Starting Price: $19.99/month

Reseller Level 1
Reseller Level 2
Reseller Level 3
For key features of above are shown in the given below image.
If want more information or want to Sign up with Flaunt7 Hosting just CLICK HERE.

How Does Flaunt7, Offshore and DMCA Ignored WebHosting Works:

DMCA Ignored Hosting service providers (Flaunt7) work specifically on the Offshore related topics. When any one wants to claim about the copyright violation then he/she simply need to email the website admin of Flaunt7. The admin would go through the case and would forward the legal action against the violation in accordance with the court’s order.

DCMA Ignored Hosting(Flaunt7) is a service available in the Offshore location usually in the countries that are less likely to act more seriously in the copyright matter.

This is the reason why Flaunt7 is the best DMCA Ignored Hosting in the industry.


Finally Is Flaunt7 A Reliable provider?!

If you have read the complete Flaunt7 review, we conclude there is enough information given about them. From the review it is sure they guarantee good uptime and tech support. We personal recommend our readers to choose Flaunt7 we assure that you will get no problem either in terms of support or uptime.

This entire page has given you more information on their  price factorreliability and support. If you want to host with a Reliable Offshore and DMCA ignored web hosting provider you can definitely rely on them for their customer pro support and less cost plans. Especially beginners who have no knowledge in Offshore and DMCA ignore hosting and trying to learn about it can go with them.



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