Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In The World

Buying  a web hosting is not a tough process but to choose the right web hosting provider at right cost is important. Choose the hosting provider as per your need and also hosting your domain with perfect servers is most important part of this process. So always wisely choose the best web hosting company as per your needs and comforts and last but not the least is price. So for your needs and comfort we did little research to find out some of the best means top ten web hosting providers in the world of web. We hope that you might like this. is a competitive, ever-changing landscape that requires marketers to adapt fast.

Registration for any web hosting plan isn’t difficult, but first you must choose from the hundreds of companies competing for your business, and there are several issues to consider. One of the main issue to consider is Price factor.

Pricing structures can be complicated. A low headline figure could become expensive on renewal, for instance. There may be extra costs for tasks like data migration your website to this web hosting company, too. Read the small print before you sign up.

Keeping up with changes is extremely hard. But it’s also necessary if you want your organic traffic to be consistent and continue to improve.

Your web hosting brand can determine your search engine rankings, your likelihood of being remembered by visitors, and your success as a brand in general. So let’s go over the best in the business. Below, we take an in-depth look at the top ten web hosts on the market.

Top 10 Best web hosting services :

Here are the best web hosting services for 2021


GBNhost is one of the most renowned web hosting providers in Russia. The company is headquartered in Saint Petersburg and has data-centers in the heart of Russia and Estonia.
The Russian headquarter is powered with the latest tier3 technology and the Estonian one is powered with Tier2. The founders of GBNhost have worked hard for several years and brought together a brighter vision of enhanced hosting solutions for the customers.
GBNhost doesn’t limit the traffic for their customers and each user is entitled to his privacy so they don’t intersect with each other on the servers. The staff members are professional as well as qualified, and they are offering different type of hosting , each being subsequently divided into multiple plans that cater to different budgets and hosting needs.

One of the biggest factors that GBNhost unique from any other hosting provider in the market is their Ultra-fast  plans which are powered entirely optimizes by CloudLinux that gives an advanced boost to your hosting eminence both in terms of quality and security. They use SSDs on servers that are up to 20 times faster than HDD
Their each individual plan can be complemented by a wide array of extra features.

GBNhost assures 99.9% uptimes and 24/7 live support for you. So, at any point in time when you need their help for your website, they are always at your service. Their premium website hosting servers are continually optimized for speed and reliability. They also deliver the best loading speed for the websites hosted on their servers, which is a considerable advantage for webmasters hosting their sites with GBNhost.


  • Quick Installation
  • Best Hardware and Technology
  • Speed and Security
  • Free regular backups
  • Unlimited traffic, databases, and domains
  • Around-the-clock support

Load time: 311ms
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: 3.5 € mo
Support: Email support



In 5CloudHost you will get 5 Years of Blazing-Fast Web Hosting at a fraction of what you pay to your current hosting for 1 year only. This allows 5CloudHost to invest their time and resources into maximizing the quality of it’s data center and cloud.

One big thing that makes it unique from any other similar service provider in the market is that they own all of it’s own servers and storage systems rather than reselling other providers infrastructure.


Some of the great features of 5CloudHost is given below which makes them unique form any similar service available in the market.

High Performance Hardware: Their powerful servers with 40 Cores Intel XEON CPUs and 128GB RAM, RAID protected SSD storage, connected to the internet at 10Gbps will boost your website’s speed.

Fully Redundant Cloud: Their state of the art Cloud and 1Tbps Network infrastructure alongside CloudFlare’s CDN will keep your website online and will load it instantly from any corner of the world.

Secure Infrastructure

Besides the fact that all datacenters are Tier 3 certified, each server has it’s own firewall, waf, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner and we take daily bakups for each account.

Instant Activation: Your ordered product will be automatically and instantly activated as long as you are using a verified PayPal account for your purchase.

Dedicated Support: Their dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of their products.

Powerful Automation: Stop doing manual work. With them  you can setup your website, create your email addresses and get online in minutes, with just a few clicks.

Load time: 411ms
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: $2.92/mo
Support: Email support


3. Templ

Templ is an up-and-coming managed WordPress platform with lots to offer in terms of features, performance, and security. Its prices might put you fair  if you’re looking for a cheap hosting solution. And if you own a high-traffic website, an online store, or a web development agency, the convenience of a managed WordPress service powered by GCP is well worth the difference.


When it comes to features, they got the essentials and a handful of extra features that might come handy for some people. Some of their features are:

  • PHP 7.3 +
  • Nginx – Full page cache
  • Google Cloud CDN – Need to contact support for them to enable it on your site.
  • MariaDB
  • Free SSL
  • 20 Global Datacenters
  • One-click backup
  • Staging sites
  • Email
  • One-click File Permission fix
  • Vulnerability check

Load time: 411ms
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: $15/mo
Support: Email support & chat support


4. djangoeurope Hosting:

djangoeurope is a name of a web hosting which has been launched in 2009 by wservices Ltd. You are a web developer or you a Django developer looking for Django hosting, then you are at right place. djangoeurope provides you the best hosting service at very affordable price.

Why it is in 1st position in our list of top web hosting, there must be some reason for that. Yes, because djangoeurope deserves this, they provides full shell access offers much of the flexibility of a dedicated host without the annoyance of maintaining your server.


Some of the best features of djangoeurope hosting is given below.

  • Django-friendly
  • One-Click Django Installer
  • Djangonical Web Interface
  • Not only Django, can also host like Joomla, WordPress Drupal etc.
  • Debian Linux Shell Account
  • Fully Customizable Web Server
  • Unlimited Web Sites
  • Extended Backup System
  • IMAP E-mail
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Easy migration of your account to any time to another server location
  • Multiple Server Locations like Germany, Finland, Switzerland and USA.

Plan with Price:

Best plans for djangoeurope hosting are given below with their price also.

  • Starter Plan: 5/month
  • Basic Plan: 8/month
  • Plus Plan: 14/month
  • Premium Plan: 25/month

For more information you can click on their official website



If you’re looking for an affordable host, NextPointHost is a solid, reputable choice. NextPointHost  is well known for best performance at a low price.

They are the oldest forex vps provider in Europe and probably at the world. The company is online since 2008. They are develop and maintain patented hardware and software technologies for optimization and profit increasement of forex vps servers with names AlwaysUP Protection® and Never Reboot Protection®. They are the only hosting company, who own Internet Autonomous system (a.k.a. BGPAS) with multiple redundant links to the biggest global providers from Tier-1 level. In plain language, NextPointHost are totally independent provider with 100% own infrastructure. They provide their services from own strategically placed top data centers at London, Frankfurt and Sofia. The stability of their services can be compared only with the largest names on the Internet such as Google, Microsoft or Facebook. These are some of the reasons, company to be chosen by many major forex brokers, as host of their trading servers. This fact in turn, allow NextPoint to offer direct cross-connection (X-Connect) which guaranteed extremely low network latency for trading. The team of Techozens asked, 3rd party independent network guys, to explain how fast is their 10Gbps network compared to other networks. The answer was more than 10000 times compared to 3/4G networks used by mobile applications for trading and more than 100 times compared to classical networks used by other hosting companies.

Load time: 411ms
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: $2.92/mo
Support: Email support


6. WebHostingPad:

WebHostingPad is famous for it economic price. They have great feature like it you can read in it’s review. All WebHostingPad hosting service users benefit from their unique downtime prevention mechanism, which has helped WebHostingPad develop their reputation for uptime rates: 99.99% annually and 99.999% monthly.

Load time: 634ms (8th out of 30)
Uptime: 99.99% (14th out of 30)
Cost: $1.99/mo
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~4min)


7. Temok hosting:

One of the top, budget hosts around, Temok is an excellent hosting choice. They offer excellent features and server performance for a low price. Temok is one of the leading Web Hosting service providers since 2014, and we sincerely believe in customer satisfaction. We always provide the best-in-class managed hosting services and that too within reasonable cost. At Temok, we are focusing mainly on server uptime, and customer dedication, so that our customer never gets the opportunity to complain about our services. Some of the best feature of temoke hosting.

Free Setup
100GB RAID Protected Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Addon domains
99% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains


8. Liquid Web:

It is well known for its heroic Support, 100% uptime guarantee and fully managed hosting services. Sonar Monitoring™ team detects and treats issues in servers. Storm® Platform touts cloud flexibility with custom add-ons. Some of the feature of Liquidweb Hosting.

  • Gigabit Transfer
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Server Secure Advanced Security
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Local Backups
  • DDos Attack Protection

Load time: 506ms (12th out of 30)
Uptime: 100% (12th out of 30)
Cost: $55.92/mo (1-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~4 min)


9. SiteGround: is an best WordPress web hosting officially recommended by Founded in 2004, hosts 800,000 websites worldwide. BBB Rating of “A”. SiteGround is Ideal for business email hosting, with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Some of the best features of SiteGround are given below.

  • FREE site transfer or new site setup with 1-click install
  • FREE automated daily backups, CDN, email, and SSL
  • 24/7 expert support with no wait time on phone or live chat
  • Recommended by WordPress as a top WordPress host

Load time: 585ms (6th in speed)
Uptime: 99.98% (5th in uptime)
Cost: $3.95/mo 
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~2min


10. Host Metro

HostMetro another powerful web hosting Service and also want to mention its superior support. The best thing about this web hosting provider is they don’t outsource their service. Their web hosting features are unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, free site builders, free online stores, one click wordpress install. If you’re looking for an affordable host then it has HostMetro low cost plan are here, which is a best in the industry. You can also read it’s review also.

Load time: 765ms
Uptime: 99.99% (6th in uptime)
Cost: $2.95/mo (Price lock)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~2min


11. InMotion:

InMotion is  known for their shared hosting plans. Each and every  InMotion hosting package comes with a free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and free data backups for data security.It comes with  pre-installed WordPress with NGINX server caching and FREE SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth. You can Host unlimited WordPress sites on one account

Load time: 701ms (7th out of 30)
Uptime: 99.97% (10th out of 30)
Cost: $2.95/mo (3 year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~7min)


12. A Small Orange:

As a new customer, asmallorange welcome you try any one of their Shared, Business, Reseller, or VPS plans for a full 90 days. You can cancel your account within this initial 90 days for any reason, they will  refund your money with no question.

Load time: 806ms (12th out of 30)
Uptime: 99.95% (12th out of 30)
Cost: $5.92/mo (1-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~14 min)


13. Dream Host:

Dreamhost is the  leader in high-quality hosting and cloud computing, DreamHost is among the best in the business for providing powerful infrastructure to their clients. They provide 100% uptime guarantee with 97 days money back guarantee. Main  feature of Dream Host contains 24/7 customer support, FREE SSL/TLS certificates and Unlimited storage and bandwidth Supercharged SSDs on all plans.

Load time: 806ms (10th out of 30)
Uptime: 99.95% (13th out of 30)
Cost: $6.95/mo (2-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~8min)


14. Euro- Space.Net:

Fully managed website hosting offered since 2007. Fast, secure VPS hosting and cheap dedicated servers in Europe. Best quality, speed and reliability.


Top Recommend Hosting By Experts:

Best FOREX Hosting: NextPointHost

Top Overall Host : Bluehost

Best Price lock Guarantee  Hosting:

Best Affordable webHosting:

Best Host to Grow With : Hostgator

Best for Business Site: ipage

Best for WordPress: InMotion

Best 24/7 Support: Liquid web

Best VPS: InMotion

Best Premium Host:Liquidweb

Best Premium WordPress Hosting: WP Engine

So, these are some well known Best Web hosting companies where you can easily purchase your host server. If you’re looking for a great web hosting company with a FREE domain name, then go for BlueHost. If you know any trusted web hosting provider that should be listed here, feel free to suggest in the comments section below.


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