Top 10 Myths about Buying YouTube Views

For anyone interested in buying YouTube Views, there’s one golden rule that surpasses all others.

That being, ensuring you to choose the best website to buy YouTube views with an established track-record.

Now more than ever, getting ahead on platforms like YouTube means being proactive.  With more than 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute of every day, competition has never been more ferocious.

On the plus side, social signals provide every YouTube user with the opportunity to stand out and make their voice heard. It’s simply a case of knowing where, when and how to use them – all under the watch of an experienced provider.

Still, it will always be a corner of the social media marketing spectrum that attracts speculation and criticism.  So to clarify some of the most common misconceptions, here’s a rundown of 10 longstanding myths about buying YouTube Views:

  1. It’s Illegal

Addressing the most important point right off the bat, it’s never been illegal to buy YouTube Views.  There are no laws of any kind in place that prohibit the purchase of social signals like these. In fact, buy YouTube Views from a leading seller and you won’t even be breaching the terms and conditions set out by YouTube itself.  Just as long as you buy real views that come exclusively from 100% genuine YouTube accounts, you’re playing by the rules…in a selective and strategic way!

  1. YouTube Will Delete Your Videos

YouTube only removes videos when they contain illegal content, or in some way breach the platform’s published terms of service.  Once again, to buy YouTube Views from active and authentic YouTube accounts doesn’t in any way breach the platform’s official terms.  It’s only when you use spammy and synthetic social signals that you stand to land yourself in trouble. Just as long as the social signals you use to promote your videos are real, there’s literally 0% chance of them being deleted.  That is, just as long as their content abides by YouTube’s TOS.

  1. YouTube Will Close Your Account

As above, this just isn’t going to happen if you stick with real YouTube Views.  In most instances, the biggest punishment YouTube hands out to those breaching its TOS is the removal of the offending video.  Plus when you think about it, closing accounts upon the detection of purchased social proof would be a nonsensical policy. After all, if you wanted to eliminate a handful of your competitors, you could simply buy fake social signals for their videos!  For obvious reasons, it doesn’t work like this – hence, your account isn’t going to be closed.

  1. You Can Only Buy 301 Views At The most

Contrary to popular belief, buying YouTube Views won’t result in your view-count getting stuck at 301.  In reality, this is simply the number at which YouTube carries out an automated evaluation, in order to ensure that the views are being collected organically.  Once again, this is where it pays to work with a talented and reputable service provider. If you intend to buy 50,000 views, it’s important to ensure that they are spread out over a period of days. If they land on your account all at once, these are the kinds of red-flags YouTube is on the lookout for.  Keeps things authentic and organic for maximum impact.

  1. You Can’t Buy ‘Real’ YouTube Views

Think about it – what criteria need to be fulfilled for a view to qualify as real?  In the case of YouTube, it simply has to be a view that comes from a genuine YouTube account. If the account is real, the view is real. At least, in the eyes of other YouTube users and the platform itself. Those who contribute the views you buy are unlikely to take an interest in your profile, or engage with your content in any other way.  But then again, this isn’t why you buy views – it’s all about social proof.

  1. Fake Views Are Just As Good

In some instances, it’s possible to get away undetected with fake YouTube Views.  Precisely why you’ll often hear proclamations that fake views are just as good as real views.  Unfortunately, fake views carry a dangerously elevated risk of detection. You might get away with them, but you also might not. And if your fake views are detected, you’ll be looking at a waste of your time and money.  Not to mention, the possible removal of the offending video.

  1. Views Alone Are Good Enough

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case.  If you intend to go ahead and buy YouTube Views, you’ll be needing other types of social proof to get the job done properly.  Think about it – you come across a YouTube video, which despite having clocked an impressive 50,000 views has absolutely no likes. Or comments. Or dislikes. You wouldn’t have to be a genius to figure out where these views came from.  If looking to maximise the value of your views and ensure all-round authenticity, it’s important to balance things out with other social signals. Placing a combined order for a bunch of different signals at the same time is a good way to go.

  1. You’ll Need To Provide Your YouTube Password

There’s no reason whatsoever why any social seller should ever ask for your YouTube password.  Irrespective of the products and services you request, social signals are delivered off-site from external accounts.  Handing over your YouTube password is a dangerous move that could cost you dearly. As such, under no circumstances should you ever provide your YouTube password to any social seller. If such a request is even mentioned, walk away and choose a different service provider.

  1. Buying YouTube Views Doesn’t Work

If buying YouTube Views didn’t work, it wouldn’t be such a popular tactic.  It certainly wouldn’t be a popular strategy among the biggest and most successful YouTubers worldwide.  Once again, competition on YouTube is far too ferocious to leave things to their own devices. Pop stars, politicians, Hollywood A-listers and some of the biggest businesses worldwide now regularly buy YouTube Views to gain and maintain an edge.  Irrespective of personal opinions on social signals, the simple fact of the matter is – they work!

  1. Buying YouTube Views Guarantees Success

If only it was so simple…but sadly, it isn’t!  As mentioned above, you’ll need to combine the various different types of social proof into one all-round package, if looking to maximise the value of your investment.  Even then, you can’t rely on social signals to do all the hard work on your behalf.  Ultimately, it comes down to the quality, credibility and relevance of your content to do the talking. If the videos you publish are garbage, all the social proof in the world isn’t going to help.  By contrast, if you’ve complete confidence in the quality and value of your videos, social signals like these could make all the difference.

The Takeaway

Buying YouTube Views has become one of the most popular and commonplace promotional strategies worldwide.  As competition intensifies like never before, a passive approach on platforms like YouTube is a guaranteed formula for failure.  You simply cannot and will not make your voice heard without social proof to verify your credibility.

Once again, buying YouTube Views isn’t and never will be a guaranteed short-cut to fame and fortune. It’s simply a way of making your voice heard above the noise. If you intend to build a successful presence on YouTube, it’s up to you to make it happen.  Just ensure you stick exclusively with 100% authentic social signals, or you risk your investment having the exact opposite effect.


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