QOVIC Online Solution Review: Trusted Company For A better Hosting


Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of running a successful website.

But with all the options available, complete with different features and price points, picking the right web host for your needs can be difficult to say the least.

Here, I can’t take away any web hosting options out there that are not worth your time or money. But what I can do is share with you everything there is to know about one of the most unique web hosting providers there is: QOVIC Online Solution.

Honestly writing it was one of the best performers among five hosting services we recently tested.


Is QOVIC the Right Host for You?

Of the many thousands of web hosts we have tested that exist only QOVIC have won the trusted official recommendation of the Techozens.com tested team.

What makes QOVIC even more interesting is that they aren’t just a true hosting shop. They provide everything from hosting that powers simple blogs to advanced enterprise e-commerce applications as well.

But what makes QOVIC so special? Does the industry praise they have received mean that they are the right host for you? We decided to take a closer look. This review will give you critical facts so that you can make a choice that you are happy with them.



For over two years formed and operational as a registered LLP situated in India, QOVIC has been providing hosting solutions. From their founding in 2016, the company’s passion for innovation has benefited their customers. Their infrastructure and network is very much secure and reliable. All their operational facilities are SAS 70 type II Compliant with 24/7 surveillance.

Now, QOVIC powers so many websites all around the world. As one of the most popular hosting companies out there, their team has grown expansively to support the demand for their services. This has allowed them to offer 24/7 live support for both shoppers and customers.

Additionally, QOVIC  hosting is officially recommended by the Techozens.com team.


Why Choose QOVIC:

Some of the best reasons why we choose QOVIC are given below.

-99.9% Guarantee: They monitor your servers after provisioning with their in house monitoring solution.

-Safe And Secured: All their servers are locked  in a secured cabinet that can only be accessible by their  staff and on-site technician.

-Dedicated Support: Customer satisfaction is the main motto of QOVIC. They provide you a best 24/7 online support by the industry expert executives.


Impressive Customer Support Team and Resources

QOVIC Features

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 99.9% up-time guarantee
  • Industry best plan
  • Industry economical plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fully Private And Secure servers
  • Super fast SSD storage

One of the reasons you may want to consider QOVIC is their Fast customer service. The QOVIC customer support team are ready at all hours to help you out with almost anything.

The company provides some cheap(economical), basic to expert hosting plans for individuals and small businesses also. This means that many people using their services will be unfamiliar with the world of web hosting.

Thankfully, QOVIC recognizes this and offers the following:

  • A team of specialized support assistants
  • Expert support team who know their way around the platform well
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live chat support
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Price and Plan:

Basically a good hosting should a good and economical price according to it’s plan structure. QOVIC provides very economical plans which are the best in the hosting industry.

-Affordable linux VPS: Servers for this type of VPS plan are situated in Los Angeles  and Frankfurt also. As far as price is concern for this type of VPS plan that is very much economicaly. The lowest price for this plan is $2/Month to $60/month.

For detailed pricing structure Click here

-RDP Windows VPS: In this plan you will get high performance affordable servers located at Los Angeles. Price for this plan starts from $10/month to $65/month which is the most economical plan in the industry for this type of services.

For detailed pricing structure Click here

-Dedicated Servers: QOVIC provides dedicated servers with isolated, self managed and baremetal servers also.

The servers of dedicated  plan are located in Los Angeles , Frankfurt and London Coming Soon. The starting price for this plan from $79/month to $119 /month.

For detailed pricing structure Click here


 Server Location:

Server location always play a vital role in deciding any hosting servers in this industry. Server locations of QOVIC are given below.

  • Los Angeles
  • Frankfurt
  • London( coming soon)


Final Recommendation:

QOVIC is well known for its windows VPS plans because I’m sure no one can beat their pricing.

So is QOVIC any good? QOVIC aims to not only provide stellar web hosting services to website owners like yourself, but do it in an economical way too. So Yes I do recommend them. They offer good web hosting services for both beginners and more advanced webmasters at great prices without compromising on must-have features. So after reading this review now can choose this service without thinking any thing else.



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