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Today is the era of  cyber security. Everyone wants to be secure, whether in driving a car or doing a online transaction, security is what all we must need. But, are you really safe while surfing online? And here comes a straight fixed answer that is ‘NO’. Online security is just a myth unless you are using a secure way to access the internet. Hide All IP (http://www.hideallip.com/) is one of the top and best VPN tool that allows you to do private browsing staying totally well protected.

Why Use Hide ALL IP?

Hide All IP is the best software tool to hide your IP from the hackers as well as snoopers. It helps you to surf the web anonymously, guard against hacker’s intrusions, and prevent identity theft. Hide All IP is best VPN in protecting your online identity by hiding your IP and giving you a random IP. The real IP is changed to an IP on Hide All IP’s private servers. This routes all the internet traffic through its encrypted servers. The remote servers receive your fake IP address and this, in turn, makes browsing safe for you.

Top Features of Hide All IP

Some of the best features of Hide All IP tool have been listed below. You can have a look at them and decide whether to choose this fabulous tool or not.

Get Dynamic IP Address

In Hide All IP interface, you only have to click on ‘Connect’ option; your IP gets hidden instantly. Anyone following you will only see that fake IP address that is not at all associated with your true IP. This fake IP address is dynamic and can be changed manually or automatically depending on your selection.

Hide All IP Connections 45

Change the Location

The servers of Hide All IP tool are located at different locations in different countries of the world. You can connect to the server of any of these countries on your choice. Each time you click on ‘Connect’ button, your IP will change to the fake IP of the selected country. The country location can be changed by pressing the ‘Connect’ button once more after selecting the country of your choice.

Hide All IP Servers 45

Encrypt Data Transfer

All the inbound and outbound connections are encrypted by using industry standards – RC4 and RSA 1024. It is considered to be a safe encryption as it a government level encryption. Even if any third party is having an eye on your communication then they won’t have any idea about what transfer you are making and to what device you are connected with.

Support UDP Apps

Not only the TCP based apps, Hide All IP has a support for UDP based apps & games too. It even supports the UDP player application.

Support HTTP Tunnel

You can easily bypass the proxy and firewall also. Even if you are using a limited network that uses the HTTP proxy, Hide All IP allows you to watch videos and play games.

The Lightweight VPN

For your information, I have used more than half a dozen VPN clients in the past. Most of them go beyond 20 MB in size. Considering the features they offer, I thought it is impossible to compress everything into a much smaller size.

Remote DNS Lookups

Hide All IP’s remote DNS lookup technology avoids the DNS fake & trace. No data can be leaked from the DNS and it is easily accessible from remote location too.

Portable Version

I hope you are familiar with portable software versions. In simpler terms, portable software versions eliminate installation from the picture. You can run any software using portable versions without installing them.

Encrypt the Data

We all know the fact that our ISP monitors the online activities we do. That’s how the governmental authorities arrest the people who do cyber crimes.

Access TV Internet

Many of the internet TV providers like Hulu, BBC, and Netflix etc deny the users from using them by tracking their locations. You just need to get connected to the fake IP of the country where these services are not restricted. After you connect with a fake IP, you can easily access these websites.

All Apps & Games Supported

Not only the web browsers are supported well, Hide All IP even provides nice support to instant messaging apps, games, video players and much more.

30 Days Money Back Policy

A money back policy ensures our money will not get wasted in case we don’t like a service. Hide All IP offers a money back policy lasts for a whole month.

Some of the pros and cons of Hide All Ip are given below


  • 150+ servers
  • Lightweight
  • 3 days trial period and a month money back policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Zero logging
  • Supports TCP and UDP based apps
  • The timer to periodically change your IP address
  • HTTP tunnel technology
  • Availability of portable version
  • Safe browsing technology
  • Automatic suggestion of suitable servers for gaming


  • The UI could have been even more elegant


Unlike most providers, Hide ALL IP doesn’t offer a selection of plans. You just pay $29 USD for a license of the software and you can use it for a full year. You can download and try the service for free for three days and after that, you can order a registered version of the software, or uninstall it if you don’t wish to continue using the service. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee that covers you in case you feel hide ALL IP is not right for you. They accept a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin, PayPal and Perfect Money.

Customer Support

When you purchase a license, you get unlimited email support. You can also use the Contact form on the website to reach out to Hide ALL IP. The website features practical set up guides, FAQ section and a good deal of information about the service.


You just need to pay $29 onetime fee to utilize the services of Hide All IP for one year. So take a wise step by choosing Hide All IP and go for it.

Final Words:

Hide All IP is a best VPN network tool that can be used to hide your IP and prevents any type of snooper or hacker attacks. You can avail a trial period of three days. So what are you waiting for? Just download the software and start using it. I am sure that you will purchase it once the trial period ends. It 100% ensures that you stay totally well protected while browsing online or transferring the data online. Fake IPs can be easily generated to access the restricted websites in your country. I will definitely recommend you to buy this Hide All IP tool as its price is nothing compared to the level of security that provided  this VPN tool.

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