Top 8 Best Website Builder Software

Creating a website used to be the domain (geddit?) of professional designers and coders, but thanks to  website builders, these days it’s something anyone can tackle.

The problem is that there are so many website creation applications and services vying for attention that it can be difficult to know which one to opt for – this is where we can help.

It’s never been easier to set up a professional-looking, design-forward website. Well-known site builders like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix are constantly improving.

So whether you’re looking to create a site for your business, a new blog, or you just fancy creating an online presence for yourself, here are the best website builders to help you out.

If you want website builders with more oomph and features, check out our best website builders shortlist which includes paid-for services.

Best Website Builder Software


Create a stunning, professional website for free with Wix website builder. We offer a few different ways you can build your site: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, & Wix Code. Whether you’re creating a site for the first time or you’re a pro, we’ve got you covered. Wix ADI builds you a unique site with professional text, images & more. Wix Editor gives you design freedom with advanced functionality & easy drag & drop. And with Wix Code, you can create state-of-the-art site & apps.


A FREE, easy to use modern drag-and-drop platform to create, host and optimize your website in just a few clicks. Build it in less than an Hour from scratch or from one of our hundreds of website templates. Optimize your profits with our Landing Page Builder, Robust Analytics, Heat Maps, and ZERO cost WooCommerce shopping cart. Based on a breakthrough design of breaking up a website into draggable building blocks for greater design flexibility. No design or programming skills required.


Pixpa is an all-in-one platform that enables designers, photographers, and other creatives to build their own professional portfolio websites. Your portfolio website on Pixpa features a built-in eCommerce store along with client proofing and blogging tools.

As a creative professional, you can manage your entire online presence in one place with Pixpa, hence saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on juggling multiple services. Pixpa is affordable, features best in class hosting and provides 24/7 customer support.

4. Pagecloud:

PageCloud is a browser-based website creation tool with a simple goal: to democratize the Web, giving the whole world the ability to create and share information. This professional-grade website creator lets users build and edit websites with complete creative freedom. Several world-firsts, like the ability to import layers directly from Photoshop, make PageCloud the worlds most advanced website creator. No need to code, no back-end user interfaces and no rigid templates.

5. B12:

B12 makes custom websites accessible to small businesses. With our Do It For You (DIFY) approach, we create agency-quality websites at a fraction of the cost & time. First, our proprietary A.I. creates a rough draft of your website in 60 seconds, then our expert web designers incorporate your feedback to build & launch your site within days. Post-launch we offer custom, monthly recommendations on ways to improve your website, ensuring that your website improves as your business grows.

6. Joomla

oomla is a well-known name in the CMS world. It may not be as popular as WordPress, but it offers the same two options: build a site using the web app at and have it hosted on the company’s servers, or download the software from and host it yourself.

Joomla’s online website builder is nearly as complex, but doesn’t involve the same setup process, making it a better option for beginners. Its key selling point is a huge collection of themes and extensions, which provide endless ways to customize the way your site looks and work

7. Incomedia WebSite X5

Incomedia WebSite X5 normally sells for £14.90 (about $21/AU$26),

Unlike WordPress and Wix, WebSite X5 is a desktop website builder, which means you can work on your site offline and have more freedom to make your website look exactly the way you want.

There’s a range of ready-made templates to choose from, or you can create your own design from scratch. Next, build up your site map, showing the hierarchy of your pages and how they connect to one another – a feature you won’t find in most web-based site builders.

8. Weebly:

Weebly allows anyone to start and grow their own website with curated templates, powerful features and integrated marketing. More than 50 million entrepreneurs around the world use Weebly to reach a global audience and create a high-quality website that works well on any device. Weebly offers a range of pricing options, including free and paid plans and is consistently the highest rated website building mobile app in the App Store and Google Play.

Final Recommendation:

We collected and research all best website builder tools and make a final decision on above given list. If you would like to take a best website builder software then we will recommend you must go with Pixpa, and see the difference.

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