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Top 5 Best Screen Recorder for Windows

A Screen recorders can prove useful in many of situations: for showing off your gaming exploits, or for putting up a your important tutorial on the web, or for demonstrating the features of your brand new app. Whatever your reasons for needing to record what’s on the screen, a host of applications out there will

ZeroBounce Review: A Best Email Verification Provider

ZeroBounce specializes in real time email verification to help digital marketers improve email deliverability. They are able to check each individual email address in milliseconds to make sure the username exists at the domain. This way you don’t damage your sender reputation. They eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, correct typos, and minimize fraud in

VirtualShield Review: A Fully Featured, Privacy Friendly VPN

Virtual Shield is a simple, yet fully functional VPN service. VirtualShield is a popular VPN  service that offers users to keep their internet browsing secure and safe, access international streaming services, and give high profile the security when using your own home and hotspot WI-FI. The VirtualShield VPN offers great features, both in the standard

Emaillistverify Review: The best email verification and email verifier

If you want to eliminate your email bounces then IT’S THAT SIMPLE. The best email marketing campaign depends on email lists deliverability. When your email lists contain non-valid emails, the hard bounces emails from your campaign will destroy your sender good will, reputation and trigger spam and fraud blocks. Emaillistverify protects you from penalties by

Vision HelpDesk : The Best ITSM Service Desk Software

Vision HelpDesk is one of the best IT Help Desk and service management solution that enables organizations to simplify their IT operations. The solution offers features that include a ticketing system, self-service portal and knowledge-base. The solution also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows IT administrators to service requests remotely. Vision

8 Killer Tips on How to Turn your YouTube Videos Viral

YouTube has become one of today’s most powerful online marketing platforms. Basically, YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows visitors to watch and share videos uploaded by users around the world. YouTube is extremely popular accounting for nearly 13% of mobile Internet usage. Thus, uploading videos on YouTube is a great way to reach your

Top 5 Best Social Media Service Providers in the World

In this day and age it is a fair expectation for a company to be attentive to their social media channels. In today’s time every one needs Social media services like Youtube Video subscribers, Facebook likes. Buying Views, followers and subscribers is a shortcut from the traditional way of marketing your Facebook page, Youtube Videos

Famoid Review: Buy Best Social Media Services

In today’s society, the use of social media has become a necessary daily activity. Social media is typically used for social interaction and access to news and information and decision making. It is a valuable communication tool with others locally and worldwide, as well as to share, create, and spread information all around the world.

Top 6 Best OCR Software (Optical Character Recognition)

Optical character recognition (OCR) software allow you to quickly convert printed or handwritten text document into digital text. Say you want to quickly copy and edit text from an image on Instagram or a scanned photo. You can do that very easily without any time consuming with an  Best OCR software. Abest OCR will extracttext

Top 5 Best Transactional Email Services

The transactional email system is very useful to send invoices, receipts, reminders, and notifications to their users.Transactional emails  plays a very vital role for every email marketer’s success.  These are the type of emails that are monitored by a certain action made by the user such as account creation, password reset, notifications for profile activity,